We Make Local Businesses

A better way to do loyalty programmes.
Minimum effort, maximum rewards.

The new way to reward customers for their loyalty

Swipii is the UK's first and only card-linking loyalty platform for businesses. A new and faster way to acquire, engage
and retain customers without the pain and hassle of traditional loyalty programmes.

Reward customers fast based on their everyday shopping

Your customers automatically collect loyalty points when paying with their everyday debit or credit card. It's that simple!

No additional loyalty cards, voucher codes, or processes required - saving your business valuable time and making you more money.

What can you do with Swipii?

Create your own loyalty programme

Uber, Netflix and Spotify revolutionised industries. Swipii are now doing the same for loyalty programmes, making it easier for local businesses to do everything online. Fast and easy.

Personalise your customer rewards

Swipii allows you create and customise your very own loyalty rewards programme so you can encourage customers to come back more often. And we're here to help if you need some inspiration.

Attract new customers

With nearly one million Swipii users across the UK, tap into our network and let new customers discover your business. We'll even give you free in-store marketing materials to help promote your loyalty programme.

It's simple and rewarding for your customers

As a Swipii business user, card-linking loyalty is a genius idea. My customers have full control of everything via the Swipii app and its made a huge difference to our business in terms of saving time and money. We’ve seen the number of loyalty transactions rise and repeat customers through the door have grown. Swipii suits my type of business perfectly.Jim Robinson, Owner of Food Fillas, Glasgow.


What is a card-linked loyalty programme?

Card-linking lets your customers receive a discount or loyalty benefit automatically when they pay with their debit or credit card. No need for separate loyalty cards.

Are there any set up fees?

Absolutely not! We'll get everything set up for you, totally free of charge.

How long does it take to set up?

Once you submit all of your details during the sign up process, it can take up to 4 weeks to go live. No payments will be taken before your set up process is complete and you go live.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Swipii requires a minimum 6 month contract, as this lets you see the full benefits of card-linking technology and how Swipii can help you to enjoy more returning customers and profits!

How do I promote this to my customers?

When you join the Swipii family we'll send you marketing point of sale to display in-store, so you can attract existing Swipii users and boost in-store sign ups.

What do I need to get started?

Great question. The only thing you need is a credit and debit card machine to accept card payments and a merchant ID. We'll do the rest.