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Swipii - Telefonica Winner Global Call
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Swipii Loyalty CRM The Times Winner
Swipii - Telefonica Winner Global Call

Intelligent marketing done for you

Boost Repeat Customer Visits

50-60% of customers don’t come back after their first visit. Swipii helps bring them back to you up to 44% more often.

Increase Spend Per Visit

80% of your business’ total revenue is driven by your loyal, returning customers. Swipii helps increase repeat spend per visit up to an extra 14%.

Leave The Work To Us

You’re busy. So let our account managers create, send and track email campaigns for you to drive customers back to your business.

Here’s how Swipii drives customer loyalty

Giving brick & mortar business owners the power of big brand loyalty schemes at a fraction of the cost:

Swipii IpadWe help you build a custom rewards programme

Swipii’s platform helps you create a unique rewards programme that’s perfect for engaging your customers and profitable for your business.

Display your rewards programme on a shiny tablet

Swipii merchants display their rewards programme on a tablet touchscreen we supply so they face the customer at the POS for quick and easy access.

Swipii Scan You App or CardCustomers easily sign up and check in with one simple swipe

With one simple swipe of our supplied cards or digital app your customers can sign up for your new loyalty programme in less than 12 seconds.

Swipii Data AnalyticsWe send marketing campaigns to your loyal members

Our account managers are marketing professionals who create and send email campaigns for you that actually get opened, driving customers back to your business for repeat sales and more profit.

Swipii Track Your DataTrack your customer data

Access real-time customer data and valuable insights like customer visits, %age of returning customers and reward redemptions so you can see first hand what’s helping to increase sales.

Attract New Customers To Your Business

Over one million people across the UK already have a Swipii card! Tap into our network of loyal customers, send offers and drive new customers to your business helping to boost sales.

Winner: Best ‘Customer Loyalty, CRM and Personalisation’

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Swipii is trusted by thousands of retail
business owners across the UK

“It’s led to great engagement and has really turned our loyalty programme into a game which is great for business. We’ve seen a steady increase in our revenue and profitability and Swipii makes sure that the rewards give customers a lot of perceived value whilst costing us as little as possible”

Swipii Tempo Tea Bar Case Study Logo

May Gem Tan
Owner, Tempo Tea Bar

“When choosing a loyalty platform for our store, it was a no-brainer. Swipii allows us to communicate with our customers on a more personal level and offer exclusive deals. We can also track performance data in real time. So far the results are fantastic: sales are up, as well as the business profile.”

Swipii Project Pie Case Study Logo

Chantall Nell
Director of Ops, Project Pie Pizzeria

“Since using Swipii we’ve started to see the same faces back in more and more often, as well as new ones. We’re now able to see all of that with the data Swipii provides. We’ve found it has really helped us engage with our most loyal customers as it’s such a unique product, and a great talking point.”

Swipii Wee Guys Case Study Logo

Clair Irwin
Manager, Wee Guys Cafe

Swipii delivers proven results

But don’t just take our word for it, access some of our latest Swipii success stories below by clicking the image.

Triple Your Revenue from New, Lost & Loyal Customers.

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