My Work Experience Week At Swipii

My Work Experience

Over the past week, I have been fortunate enough to spend my time with Swipii’s Tech Team and have seen just a small part of the kind of work they have been doing for the past year. Before starting my week, I had only a partial knowledge of the service that Swipii provides and even less knowledge of how a company like Swipii was run – although this was the first place of work I’d been in and only had TV shows to compare it too. I thought there would possibly be a lack of diversity who they hire, why they hired them and the relationships between the employees. Thankfully I was wrong.

Once I had arrived at Swipii I was relieved to be met at the door as regardless of what size, shape or layout of office I like many others would have gotten lost. Throughout that day I was given a run through of what different sections of the company did to aid it as a whole. I was firstly told more about what Swipii is as a company and what I would be doing during the week. Then I went on to learn about the Marketing Heroes, who work with the Merchants to create campaigns in order for their customers to revisit, the work they do is rather interesting to see how they create the campaigns as well as the communication with the merchants so that they are happy with them before they are sent to their customers. Also, the Marketing team who promote Swipii through Google, Facebook and other social media and HR who gave me advice onto how to get myself into the tech industry which was very useful.

I spent the next 4 days with the tech team, throughout which I saw how they spend their time, in the mornings they will have a Stand Up to ensure they are aware of the day’s agenda, then they generally start to Mob Program which I find to be a very exciting way to see how they code. By Mob Programming the team can work together on the same computer to get a higher quality of code than by themselves, they can also point out any mistakes, typos etc that are made but it also allows them to point out different, better and more efficient ways to do specific parts of the coding. I also find that it relates to my experience of doing Higher Computing last year where we would all help each other to make different but working code for each project even if we weren’t supposed to all the time.

The Tech Team would be given small maintenance tasks – pick up tasks – from other members of Swipii, which showed me how they interacted professionally throughout the company. For the majority of the week, the team were load testing to check the amount of campaigns that could be sent without this crashing the system. I found this to be really fascinating to see as I didn’t think that there could be a limit of campaigns sent at the same time. I was quite fond of how they appreciate the value of a break, working 100% of time would be unreasonable and unrealistic having a good old cuppa tea helps everyone have a good work ethic and keeps everyone happy. The Team were starting to plan their new IPhone app, whilst I was there I got to see how they planned out what features they were going to have available as well as what will be added for future releases. They created this layout digitally and physically using story mapping.

Over this week I learned quite a lot everything was new and intriguing, everyone was helpful and friendly which makes the experience even better. I would definably recommend Swipii for a work experience placement. Being there this week has made me think about my future more and has helped me think about more options for Uni and beyond, I got to experience a real working environment and it has been a really eye-opening week.

By our wonderful work experience person, Katie Seivwright.