A loyalty platform for Restaurants

Showing customers you care is critical for repeat business in the restaurant game. And anything that keeps staff tasks to a minimum helps. With Swipii we help you to boost customer loyalty and keep admin time to almost zero.

The ramen here is one of the rewards available on our loyalty app.

A new and better way to grow your business

Providing quality food, a great atmosphere, service experience and a loyalty programme that rewards customers for coming back time and time again is vital to the success of restaurants.

Reward your most loyal customers and keep them coming back more often with our Swipii loyalty programme. We guarantee your customers will love it.

More customers, less clutter

We believe that loyalty should be simple, that’s why we’ve built a digital loyalty programme that requires 0 integration or staff training.

Our fantastic card linking technology means that we don’t need to supply you with additional hardware or integrate with your POS. Our experts link to your credit or debit card payment machine on our end and tah-dah! Done!

Being 100% hardware-free means that your staff don’t have to carry around additional devices or hole-punchers when providing customers with their bill at the end of their meal. All customers who are signed up and pay by credit/ debit card will receive Swipii points for your business.

Man slapping hands together, making bread to give as a reward on the Swipii app.

It's simple and rewarding for your customers

The Da Vinci's logo, a company currently on the Swipii loyalty app.

As a busy owner, Swipii’s new card linking product has made a huge difference to our business and saves us so much time on admin and support when it comes to managing a loyalty programme. Swipii allows our customers to earn, track and redeem rewards inside a beautiful new app, and we can focus on the rewards I can offer our customers to ensure we continue to have repeat business. Everyone is a winner in my eyes.


Friends having dinner and earning points through our loyalty program.

Don’t let your customers dessert you

If tables are quiet, it’s easy for restaurant owners to fall into the trap of daily discount sites. We understand the short term value these offers provide to your business but they have a negative impact on building a loyal customer base.
With Swipii, you can provide your customers with offers and discounts but only your most loyal ones.

Did you know that loyal customers make up around 80% of your overall revenue? It’s time to give back to your most loyal customers and get them visiting you more often!

Serving you affordable loyalty

Swipii has no set-up or transaction fees (yes, really!)

Not to mention the benefits of our powerful free app for users. Your business listing will be seen by thousands of consumers local to you. Customers can find you on-the-go. And that’s just for starters, we are marketing our app all the time!

Our team will have you up and running in less than 4 weeks from sign up.

A burger in paper bag, redeemed using our loyalty app.

Get started with Swipii

A timeline of how to sign up your business to our loyalty program.