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We mean it when we say we are the marketing tool for local businesses. Our founders created a solution that is affordable and manageable for busy business owners.

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Let's break it down

Swipii will reward the cashback amount to your customers on your behalf, in turn we’ll share a monthly invoice for any sale you make as a direct result of Swipii as well as the cashback that was rewarded to your customers.

Always On cashback offers

Small cashback offers between 2-5% to increase your customer loyalty and help us build a picture of your customer’s spending habits.


As a business you decide to reward your customers with 3% cashback on their transactions.

A customer spends £10 in your business.

• Cashback reward of 3% = £0.30
• Swipii Commision of 1% = £0.10
• VAT on Cashback and commission = £0.08

Total cost to the business = £0.48

Extra cashback offers

Larger cashback offers to boost your business at off-peak hours or targeting customers who haven’t visited in a while.


As a business you decide to reward your customers with 10% cashback on their transactions between 2pm and 4pm.

A customer spends £10 in your business

• Cashback reward of 10% = £1.00
• Swipii Commision of 7.5% = £0.75
• VAT on Cashback and commission = £0.35

Total cost to the business = £2.10

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We’re making a limited portion of Swipii equity available to you. Join us in our mission to level the playing field between local businesses and big brands.

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Why Swipii?
Commitment free

No contract, no risk and no commitment. We ensure that you only pay when we provide results. Simple as that.


There’s no need for hardware or complicated integrations. Your customers sign up to our app and link their payment card; this means we can see when they make a transaction in your business.

Fully automated

Our technology works seamlessly in the background to drive users through your doors. Through timely, tailored push notifications and emails, we bring the people back to you.

Customer insights

We collect data on every transaction: spend, time and frequency. This allows us to build a picture of your customer base, with a view to remarket to them.

Re-engage your audience

Swipii uses the transaction data gathered to target customers who haven’t visited in a while, using tailored cashback offers to keep them coming back for more, without the need to over-discount.

Integrated cashback referrals

The Swipii referral programme incentivises your customers to share with friends through bonus cashback, increasing your reach even more.

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