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Supercharge your debit or credit cards so you can collect points and unlock rewards for your everyday purchases

Turn everyday purchases into rewards you'll love.

With Swipii just pay with your everyday card to collect points that unlock free rewards

How it works.

Swipii uses bank-level 256 bit encryption

1Link your debit or credit card

Whenever you spend with any of your linked cards, you automatically collect points.

2Shop at your favourite places

Collect points at the local coffee shop, taking a taxi to meet friends, grabbing a lunchtime bite, having fun at the cinema and much more.

3Enjoy rewards you'll love

Redeem those earned points for personalised rewards you’ll love in your favourite stores.

What our users are saying.

I've been using it now for several weeks and it's very secure. Never get tired of those little points reminders on my phone when I'm shopping!Alison Stirling

After using only once I understood how it all worked...great to see the businesses personality in the reward schemes.CJ Gillies

Linking up my bank card to the app only took a minute and I love how it rewards me when I pay as normal.Mark Bateman

Simply one of the greatest ideas when it comes to making loyalty appealing to everyone!Michael Vitello

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