Small Business Saturday: What is it and why should you get involved?

As a small business owner, it’s important you’re supported by friends, family and most importantly your local community to keep your business flourishing.  

Small Business Saturday is so important for small businesses across the UK.

What is Small Business Saturday?

Traditionally Small Business Saturday takes place during the first weekend of December – this year it’s on the 2nd of December 2017.

It’s a nationwide event designed to support and promote the millions of small businesses across the UK. It has been running for the last four years and keeps growing in popularity.

In 2016, customers spent £717m with small businesses on Small Business Saturday, an increase of 15% on 2015.

And let’s not forget Social Media…


#SmallBizSatUK trended to number 1 all day on Small Business Saturday in 2016, with over 140,000 tweets sent in support of the day, reaching over 130 million people compared to 25 million people in 2015.

How do local councils contribute?


Majority of local councils actively support the campaign in order to make small business shopping more appealing to customers. In fact, 80% of local councils backed the campaign last year delivering on the ground activities including free parking, and small business networking events and so much more…

It has also had the backing of some big corporates such as American Express and seen support from all major political parties throughout the UK.

So what happens on Small Business Saturday?

It’s much more than just a name…

There’s a huge build-up to the day across the UK until the main event kicks off…culminating in a whole day of promotions dedicated to raising awareness of the UK’s small business.

The campaign itself runs an Inspire Series throughout the whole year, which is a programme of free talks and workshops covering a whole range of topics to inspire and support start-ups and small businesses.

There’s also a nationwide Bus Tour which stops at many locations up across the UK – helping to spread the word about Small Business Saturday and encouraging consumers to shop at independent retailers and support small businesses.

This year the Bus Tour started on the 23rd of October in Dundee and will finish in Brighton on Friday the 24th of November. The bus will host numerous events including workshops and exhibits from small businesses.


Small Business Saturday Bus in Rochdale. Source: 

Who can get involved?

Whether you’re a family business, local shop, online business, wholesaler, business service or small manufacturer, Small Business Saturday is supporting you!

You can register your business here on the Small Business Finder Map for FREE to help new customers find your business!

Why should your small business get involved?

In the days leading up to Small Business Saturday, the team behind the campaign pick one small business to highlight each day.

Those 100 small businesses not only gain exposure on the Small Business Saturday’s social channels and in the local press, but they also get to join the team at a reception with the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Even if your business isn’t 1 of the 100 highlighted don’t worry, because taking part alone in Small Business Saturday gives you an opening to promote your business and it also benefits from the growing number of consumers that are actively seeking to support the local independent business scene.

Final thoughts…

This opportunity is not to be scoffed at. Small Business Saturday grows at a phenomenal amount year on year, giving great exposure to your small business across the UK. You can advertise your brand, gain new customers and get involved with your local communities!

To find out more about Small Business Saturday this year and to register your business to upcoming events, click here now.

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