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Meet the Merchant: Yumchaa Tea

Yumchaa Tea doesn’t serve your average brew!

Established in 2006 as a family run business, they had just 30 packets of tea, at a market stall in the centre of London…

Soon Yumchaa became a haven for tea lovers, who wanted to talk, try and buy tea.

Very quickly the business expanded to markets all across London.

Today, Yumchaa Tea have 6 cafes throughout London – and counting – and an online shop which enables them to sell their products worldwide.

In 2016 Yumchaa Tea was named “Best Hot Drink Concept” in the Eat Out Awards and they have also been a runner-up in the “Love Local Best Cafe” in Time Out London.


A completely different take…


There is really no comparison between Yumchaa Tea and other teas.

Yumchaa is now a well established British company that is known for their speciality tea blends filled with exciting and fun ingredients such as chilli, real fruit pieces and even chocolate!

Their tea names are just as creative as their ingredients, from Red Velvet to their latest teas which are coming out soon: Camden Coco and Peanut Butter and Jam.

Their take on tea puts them on a completely different level to your average cafe.

Yumchaa Matcha Cake

But have no fear, if you’re a coffee fanatic Yumchaa’s got you covered too. With their speciality coffee, which is from a local East London roastery called Nude.

They also cater to lots of dietary needs, including vegan and gluten-free.


Why Fitzrovia?


Yumchaa Teas, Fitzrovia district branch on Tottenham Street was their third branch to open.

It’s central location next to Goodge Street Station, makes it fantastic to catch customers on their daily commute.  

Yumchaa is known for choosing locations that have a lot of character, to match the teas they serve…

This is why the Fitzrovia branch is bright and airy with high ceilings, with a breathtaking skylight.

tottenham-court-Sky light

They have created a large relaxed space with a soft industrial feel, white washed walls and comfy seats.

Making it the perfect place to pick up your morning caffeine fix, meet clients or simple have a slice of cake and catch up with friends.


Swipii was recommended…


As Yumchaa were growing their business they realised they needed a little something extra to encourage customer retention and reward their loyal customers.

They were recommended Swipii, which was – and still is – being used by lots of other local business in the Fitzrovia district.

After the first couple of months of Swipii being installed in the Fitzrovia branch, Yumchaa decided to roll out Swipii to all of their locations as it is easy and simple to use for both employees and customers.

It was one solution that could be used across all their branches.

With the help of their Account Manager Jonathan, Yumchaa like to run all sorts of email marketing campaigns with Swipii.

Yumchaa Campaign

From promoting new products to encouraging their customers to visit their branches during quieter periods.


Drop in and say “Hi!”


So pop down to the Yumchaa Fitzrovia branch and pick up a Swipii card to get on their list and get all their fantastic offers straight to your inbox.  

Yumchaa Rewards

Work your way up their rewards ladder to get your very own special Yumchaa Hamper – which includes at least 10 different teas!


The power of Swipii


Swipii is a fantastic tool that can be used by independent retailers, who are looking to grow their business, turn new customers into loyal customer or simply want to retain their current customers.

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