17 Marketing Words That Will Turn Away Your Customers

17 Marketing Words That Will Turn Away Your Customers

So now that you know what words to use in you’re putting together your next marketing campaign, what words should you avoid?

Customers are funny creatures, the slight thing can spook them out of a sale.

So we’ve put together a few marketing words that you’ll want to stay away from in your next marketing campaign:

Overused words


bored customers


There are a few words that are overused and boring, so stay away from these:

  1. Epic – This word was all the rage for about a year. It’s time to let it go.
  2. Hurry – Just about every emails start with, “Hurry!” Provide a deadline instead.
  3. Revolutionary – Few things in life are revolutionary. Unless you’re curing cancer…
  4. Unique – Yes, you want to set your product apart from others, but everything is original in it’s own way.
  5. Exciting – BORING! It’s so overused, it sounds like a lie. An “exciting deal” makes customers more skeptical than excited. You would be better off describing the deal instead.
  6. Fantastic – Just using this word makes customers cynical.
  7. Literally – Nothing is exactly as it seems  
  8. Awesome – What makes something “awesome” these days?
  9. Only – This word is really overused so best to try and avoid


Words that could get you into trouble


mistake customers


A few words that could spell disaster:

  1. Guaranteed – Be careful. Nothing in life is guaranteed.
  2. Or your money back – Be more specific when you’re offering any kind of money back.
  3. Miracle – Really? A miracle? Don’t oversell it.


Generic words


lost customers


Your business or product shouldn’t be described using these generic words as customers are blind to them:

  1. Amazing – Everything is amazing these days. Be a little more creative.
  2. Huge – What’s so huge about it? Use more detail instead.
  3. Great – Talk about generic, you can find a better descriptive word.
  4. Terrific – Bland and boring, no one is excited by this word.
  5. Good – What is good about it?


Final thoughts…


Do you have any words that you avoid using?

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