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Swipii is the marketing tool for local cafes. Don’t hassle with paper punch cards, take your loyalty program digital and reach customers with special offers through email and push notifications whenever you want. Swipii for cafes takes the pain out of pain au chocolat.

How will Swipii get more customers in my cafe?

Reach customers looking to shop local

Promote your cafe with your very own branded business profile visible to over 1000 users looking to support local businesses. Share snaps of the menu, link to your website and highlight all the ways customers can get in touch.

business profile app screen
Get on the map

Get customers finding your cafe by featuring on our explore map so shoppers looking for their next coffee stop can easily spot your business and what you’re offering.

explore map of businesses
Cashback rewards to build customer loyalty

Incentivise customers to visit your cafe again and again with cashback rewards on purchases. Swipii’s card linking technology makes customer’s bank cards their very own loyalty card, sending cash to their accounts when they pay at your cafe. Check out the different ways you can reward customers with Swipii here.

cashback rewards app screen
Referral marketing

The best way to get more customers in your cafe is through the power of referrals. We provide unique referral codes for your team to share with customers to get more people on the app receiving your offers. For every user your team gets to download the app, both the customer and your member of staff gets £5. These customers can then shout about it to their friends and family through more referral codes!

customer referral experience

What's in it for me?

Understand your customers

Ever wondered how often or when certain customers visit your cafe? By featuring on Swipii and taking your loyalty program digital, you’ll have access to customer behaviour, insights and trends so you can get creative about who to market to and when.

Real ROI

Unlike other loyalty programs, Swipii is able to attribute exactly which purchase at your cafe was a direct result of our app meaning you can track real return on investment. Plus you can see just how effective your rewards are unlike paper punch cards and make smart business decisions.

No fuss

We mean it when we say we’ll take care of all your marketing needs so you don’t have to. There’s no hardware or complicated integrations, we simply feature your cafe on the app using your merchant ID and connect you to customers through card linking technology. Want to know more about how it works? Head here.

card linking technology experience

Swipii for cafes has:

-increased average customer spend by over 70%
-increased the average number of venue visits by over 30%

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