Swipii Locations

Where can I spend my Swipii points?

Check out all of the companies that use Swipii now with our interactive map. Whether you’re looking for coffee in one of our Swipii Glasgow locations or trying to get a bite to eat in a Swipii London restaurant- you’ll find all of our participating shops here.

Earn Swipii rewards and collect points today!

Still wondering, “Where can I use Swipii?”

You can find Swipii locations easily by getting yourself to the Explore page on the app. From here, we can show you all of the top Swipii retailers nearby and their Swipii rewards. You can even search a location if you’re going on a trip and want to find out your Swipii options while you’re on your next adventure!

Are you a business?

If you want to get your business on our map and on the Swipii app, we can show you how to get Swipii in your store. No hardware involved, no “integration” with your POS. Easy, flexible pricing. You can even set up your listing and try out Swipii for Business dashboard today, for free. No contract involved.