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How To Get Swipii for Free

Here at Swipii we love it when our existing merchants share their positive experiences of using our Loyalty & Marketing platform with other business owners.

And with reward programmes playing such a key role in what we do here at Swipii, we now want to reward you – our existing Swipii merchants – with your own rewards programme where you could get Swipii free every month for life!


How Does It Work?


All you have to do is refer businesses you think would be a great fit for Swipii…and for every referral you send us that joins the Swipii family, you’ll get you one month free!

Refer 12 business who join Swipii and you can get Swipii free for a full year 🙂

It’s that simple.

And it’s easy to get started…


How To Get Started In Less Than 30 Seconds…


Step #1 – Register Now

Visit  http://swipii.ositracker.com/refer and register your free account.



Once registered, our referral team at Swipii will activate your account within 24 hours. You’ll receive an email notifying you once your account is activated.


Step #2  –  Share Your Unique Tracking Link

Once activated, ‘Log In’ to your new account.

The link to ‘Log In’ is contained within the email you receive from us. You can also Log In by clicking here.



Inside your account, you will find your unique tracking link at the bottom of the page. You can share this link directly with businesses you think would be a great fit for Swipii, or you could share it on Facebook and Twitter. Anywhere really!

This tracking link is unique to you. And it’s how we know who to give a free month to once a new business joins Swipii. So please use it all times.


Step #3  –  Get Rewarded With Free Months of Swipii!

Whenever a business you refer joins Swipii, we’ll send you an email to let you know you’ve earned a free month of Swipii! You don’t need to do anything.

You can then log back into your account to see the full details, and to find out when your free month will be credited against your Swipii account.



Your account also lets you see in real time how many times your unique link has been seen, clicked on and how many conversions you have, allowing you to track its success from start to finish.




Is the referral programme just for existing Swipii merchants?

For now, yes. However, we will be launching our new referral programme for the general public later in August. Keep checking our social media channels for updates.

How does the referral programme work?

Sign up here to get your own referral account for free! Then you just need to share your unique referral link with businesses you think would be a good fit for Swipii! For any business that joins Swipii, you’ll receive one month free on us. It’s as simple as that.

Is there a maximum number of referrals I can send through to Swipii?

Definitely not! With every referral you provide that joins Swipii, you’ll get one month free. There are no limits to the number of free months you can earn!

If I refer more than one business each month that joins Swipii, will I still get one month free for each business?

Yes! For example, if you referred three businesses to Swipii who all join in the same month, you will be entitled to your next three months free.

When will I receive my free month credit?

You will be credited with your free month of Swipii as soon as the business you refer has made their second successful monthly payment to Swipii. You can track this under ‘My Rewards’ inside your personal dashboard.

How can I keep track of the free months I am entitled to?

Simply Log In to your own account dashboard, and search under ‘My Rewards’ to see the current status of any free months you have received or are entitled to.