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Make Your Business Personal With The Power of Data

Create engaging relationships between you and your customers


Intimate 1-to-1 customer interactions.


Enterprise helps you to build a modern marketing platform with complete visibility throughout the customer journey.


Through one central point of integration, Enterprise connects your marketing initiatives to your customers.

Swipii Enterprise
Swipii Enterprise Transaction Tracker


Manage Your Customers Offers


Enterprise lets you choose from a variety of options to engage customers across multiple channels.



Data Collection At Its Finest


Enterprise collects and synchronises customer data across multiple platforms, resulting in a single customer profile that’s easily accessible and actionable for decision makers across your organisation.

Swifii Profile Manager
Swipii Enterprise Rules Engine


Activate Real Time Data and Track Insights


Optimise your marketing efforts and transform your customer profile data through the use of triggered and transactional rules that drive highly personalised customer experiences.

Designed to Meet Your Current and Future Business Needs

Enterprise is the versatile, branded and highly customisable solution that enables customer engagement across your organisation’s technology initiatives.

Versatile Design

Create, manage and optimise your programme to meet your brand’s goals and ensure you’re always at the forefront of changing consumer demands.

Real Time, Actionable Insights

Access actionable customer data to track acquisition, visits, spend and implement marketing decisions in real time.

Speed of Implementation

Enterprise’s speed and flexibility guarantees your brands programme will be live in record time.

Future Proofed

Year after year, new technologies create new customer touchpoints and industry demands. Investing in Enterprise’s platform-first approach ensures your business can adapt to every innovation.

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