Don’t underestimate the power of a loyal customer

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Loyal customers mean more revenue

Did you know a loyal customer is worth 10x as much as their first purchase? Not only this, retaining existing customers is significantly more affordable than acquiring new ones (not to mention their likelihood to spend more and shout about how great you are).

Sure, you could try stamp cards

But how do you track success?

Perhaps you want to use email marketing...

But our good old friend GDPR gets in the way.

What about Groupon?

You run the risk of paying a high price for customers who would have visited anyway.

Give your customers a reason to come back

At Swipii, we have a variety of cashback offers for you to leverage to grow revenue.

Always On Cashback Offers:Reward the regulars with cashback offers ranging from 1-5% any time of day, letting them stay loyal to you over your competitors.

Extra Cashback Offers:Forget about those quiet periods between breakfast, lunch or dinner - run cashback offers up to 25% at specific times so you can maximise every hour your business is open. On average, businesses that run cashback offers over 15% increase customer spend by 23%.

Win-Back Offers:Feel like you haven’t seen some faces in a while? This personalised offer will help you retarget and win back customers who haven’t visited your business in 1 week, 6 months or longer! Businesses using Win-Back Offers have already gained an extra 20% revenue by winning back lost customers.

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Why cashback?

Offering cashback is much cheaper than discounting your inventory. Instant gratification that comes with cash is much more appealing to customers. Plus, it’s only redeemed if a customer spends directly with you.

With Swipii, businesses can get a customer worth £30 at the cost of just £5 on average as a result of increased customer visits and spend.

Know your customer

Once your business is signed up, we’ll provide £5 to you and your customer when you get them to download the Swipii app and make their first purchase. This strategy builds up a customer database so you can understand their buying behaviours and the right time to offer cashback. The offers range from drumming up business at off-peak hours, or enticing customers who haven't visited in a while.

No complicated integrations

Our smart technology will contact your customers directly via push notifications to let them know what cashback offers are live, driving footfall. There’s no hardware or software that you need to deal with. We use card linking technology in the background to identify a Swipii user, including when and how much they spent. Then we send the cash straight to their profile in the Swipii app.

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of our users visit a business more than once a week as a result of cashback offers