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What's a business without its customers?

It’s Swipii’s mission to better connect local businesses with customers and we’ve built fantastic products to do just that. Don’t settle for traditional marketing complete with headaches, poor return on investment and vanity metrics. Increase your customer acquisition the Swipii way. We'll get customers through your door (and no, this isn’t a hypothetical door we’re talking about).

Be discovered

Reach customers with your very own Business Profile in our app visible to all of our 26,500+ users. We’ll point customers to your address, phone number and website. Not to mention mouth watering pictures of exactly what’s on offer.

Get your business on the map

Our Explore feature allows users to pinpoint local businesses in their proximity as well as any special offers that are running.

New eyes on the prize

The Swipii referral programme means the number of app users just keeps growing. With £5 on offer, customers can share referral links to their friends and family so your business’ exposure only grows. Who’s to say you can’t get involved and get some extra ££!

Mobile phone displaying the Swipii cashback app referral screen
We've got you covered

We’ll hook you up with all the marketing assets you need to promote that your business is on the Swipii app. We know marketing is an added faff, so our team will provide you with branded pictures and messaging that you can simply copy and paste onto your social media accounts faster than you can say ‘who’s next?’

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