A loyalty platform for coffee shops

Processing payments fast, reducing queue times, and keeping costs down is vital in the coffee shop business. That’s why we built a loyalty platform that helps you do all three – and all at an affordable price.

A new and better way to grow your business

Providing a quality product, quick service times and a loyalty programme that rewards customers for coming back time and time again is vital in the hospitality sector.

That’s why we built a loyalty system that does two out of three of those things, so that you can get on with the rest.

*We wouldn’t quite describe our office made espressos as a quality product but we do make excellent loyalty programmes!

Earn a coffee like this on our loyalty apps.

It's simple and rewarding for your customers

The logo for The Kaffe, who are live on the loyalty app.

Swipii works really well for me and my customers at our coffee shop. Before Swipii we used a loyalty card filing system and this would take up so much of my time finding customers and their card to stamp for their coffee. With the Swipii app it gives me so much more time to communicate with customers and get through the queue more quickly and efficiently.


More latte art, less admin time

Queues are great for business but not so great for customers. With Swipii you don’t need to waste your time stamping paper cards or swiping loyalty cards. Once your customers have signed up, they simply user their linked payment card to pay for their order and their points are collected instantly.

Additional perks:

We make sure that our Swipii system is ALWAYS GDPR compliant, so you can rest easy knowing your data & your customers data is always safe and secure.

Local coffee shop serves coffee using a loyalty scheme.
A sign saying "but first coffee" in a business which is live on Swipii app.

Reward smarter, track individual spend

Reward your customers with confidence, knowing that they provide tangible value to your business.

Discover average customer spend and frequency through your Swipii dashboard which means there’s no more guessing how much a customer is worth to your business.

We can even tell you which group of customers are likely to spend more in your business which you can use to tailor your marketing efforts!

Your counter space = your business

Got a credit or debit card payment machine? If yes, then you’re good to go!

With our new technology we don’t need to supply you additional hardware or integrate with your POS.

Our team will have you up and running in less than 4 weeks from sign up.

Give Swipii a shot today!

Holding a coffee in your hand after redeeming it on our loyalty app.

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A timeline of how to sign up your business to our loyalty program.