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Swipii - Telefonica Winner Global Call
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Swipii - Telefonica Winner Global Call
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Best Customer Loyalty, CRM and Personalisation

All-in-one Customer Loyalty & Marketing Platform

Swipii is everything your retail business needs to boost repeat customer visits, increase average spend and grow revenue – backed by a marketing team that does the work for you.

digital Loyalty Program Swipii devices

You Sign Them Up. We Bring Them Back.

Giving small businesses access to the loyalty programmes and marketing power used by big brands at an affordable price.

Custom rewards programmeCustom rewards programme

Swipii’s platform helps you create a unique rewards programme that’s perfect for engaging your customers and profitable for your business.

icon-ipadIn-store iPad display

Display your rewards programme on the iPad touchscreen we supply you for quick and easy access by your customers. It’s that simple.

icon-siginupEasy sign up and check in

With one simple swipe of our supplied cards or digital app your customers can sign up for your new loyalty programme in less than 10 seconds.

icon-marketingDirect marketing campaigns

Our account managers are marketing professionals who create effective email campaigns for you that actually get opened, which means more sales for your business.

icon-dataTrack customer data

Access real-time customer data and valuable insights like customer visits, %age of returning customers and reward redemptions so you can see first hand what’s helping to increase sales.

icon-mapAttract New Customers

Over one million people across the UK already have a Swipii card. Tap into our network, send offers and drive new customers to your business helping to boost sales.

Swipii Delivers Proven Results

But don’t just take our word for it, access some of our latest Swipii success stories below by clicking the image.

Swipii is perfect for retail stores just like yours.

Fashion Boutiques
small business marketing
Coffee Shop
small business marketing
Hairdressers & Barbers
small business marketing
Beauty Salon
email marketing
Gift Shop
small business marketing
Vape & E-Cigarette shop
butcher small business
Butcher Shop

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