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We're levelling the playing field for local businesses by better connecting them with customers. Maximising revenue with big brand tech, without big brand prices.

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1. Feature on the Swipii app
2. Build a customer database
3. Target customers and drive
extra revenue

Our mission is simple

“We founded Swipii to level the playing field for local businesses. It’s time there was an integrated solution that catered specifically for these businesses that's affordable and feasible. We want to enable communities to invest back into their high street and better connect customers to local businesses- that’s our mission.”

- Louis Schena, CEO

Reach customers

Feature on the Swipii app and reach customers who are looking to spend at local businesses. Increase your customer acquisition and build your brand awareness with your very own Business Profile and be discovered with a spot in our interactive map. Swipii will target customers to get them to spend at your business.

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active app users


cost to a business on average for a customer worth up to £30 thanks to increased visits and spend


increased customer spend on average for local businesses already featured on the Swipii app

Reward customers

Build customer loyalty with cashback offers on purchases at your venue. Target customers at off-peak times, or use our Win-Back offer to boost revenue by up to 20% retargeting customers who haven’t visited in a while.

For every customer you get to download the Swipii app, we’ll give you and that customer £5 each time.

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Refocus on your business

There’s no fuss when it comes to Swipii, it’s all about marketing automation. Once you’re onboarded, our technology works seamlessly in the background through clever card-linking technology - customers earn the cashback just by using their normal bank card. There’s no hardware or confusing set up, you’ll have a dedicated account manager to take care of reaching and rewarding the right customers at the right time.

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Don't just take our word for it
Lewis Ritchie

The company are clearly passionate about what they do and move mountains to assist their clients. So far so good!

Daniel Lurinsky

Loving it! been a great way of attracting customers to our store

Vijay Kumar Sharma

For consumer loyalty this is the best technology!

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Success stories!

We've rounded up a collection of success stories from awesome local businesses that feature on the Swipii app, our strategy for success and the results.

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Why Swipii?
Commitment free

No contract, no risk and no commitment. We ensure that you only pay when we provide results. Simple as that.


There’s no need for hardware or complicated integrations. Your customers sign up to our app and link their payment card; this means we can see when they make a transaction in your business.

Fully automated

Our technology works seamlessly in the background to drive users through your doors. Through timely, tailored push notifications and emails, we bring the people back to you.

Customer insights

We collect data on every transaction: spend, time and frequency. This allows us to build a picture of your customer base, with a view to remarket to them.

Re-engage your audience

Swipii uses the transaction data gathered to target customers who haven’t visited in a while, using tailored cashback offers to keep them coming back for more, without the need to over-discount.

Integrated cashback referrals

The Swipii referral programme incentivises your customers to share with friends through bonus cashback, increasing your reach even more.


What details do I need to provide to sign up to Swipii?

All we need to get started is your Merchant ID (MID). This is how we are able to track user purchases in your business. Don’t worry if you don’t know your MID, we carry out a test card transaction over the phone at sign up which provides us with this ID.

You mention that it's "pay on results only". What does this actually mean?

Great question! Swipii doesn’t charge any sign up fees and there are no ongoing subscription costs. You are only charged if a Swipii user makes a transaction in your business. Speak to one of the team today to understand more about our charges.

What type of businesses do you work with?

Initially, we are working with businesses in the hospitality sector. However if you wish to be listed, book a short demo with our team and we’ll be in touch to chat!

How long does it take to integrate with Swipii?

Our onboarding normally takes between 7-14 days. If we ever need more information from you to get started we’ll be sure to get in touch.

How secure is Swipii for my customers?

Very. We will never store any identifiable details. As soon as a user links a card, we encrypt their card details with bank-level security systems – replacing the details with an ID number. All we keep is the last 4 digits of the card number and the card’s expiry date.We keep these so that we can display the card correctly within the app, and so that we can remind the user when their card has expired so they can link their new one and keep on earning cashback! Once the details are encrypted, we can’t see or access them, and neither can anyone else. This ID number is meaningless out of context, even to us. No one will be able to tell from our system which card is theirs once linked.

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