Why you need to use the Swipii App 🤷

Have you ever wondered what Swipii could do for you? Well, let us help fill you in. As a Swipii user myself I thought it may be worthwhile giving you the lowdown of how I use the Swipii app on a daily; so that you can see how it can benefit you too.


Image of smartphone with push notification from Swipii app.


So let’s start with the morning- it all begins with the most important purchase of the day… Coffee of course. And where else to go but Jules Cafe on Argyle Street. Located next to Central Station and multiple bus stops, it’s easily accessible. The cafe has lots of choices; meaning you can also pick up some breakfast while you’re there too. Additionally, you earn points every time you spend as little as £1 when you visit. Within no time you will be earning a free coffee. Such a good deal, wouldn’t you agree?


Lunchtime is approaching, where can you head to? When I’m feeling healthy the only place I want to go to is Martha’s! The veggie Indonesian Satay box is always class and I’m earning my points whenever I visit which means eventually (because I sometimes like to rack up my points, depending on the rewards the business offers) I will get one for free. Not long now to go until I earn my freebie! However when I fancy more of a treat- usually on a Friday to get the weekend started- I head to either Topolabamba or Pizza Punks and conveniently for the Swipii crew they are all located on our street! Even if they weren’t just down the road, they are worth a visit not only for the delicious food and cocktails but we are a sucker for those points and you’ll find both of these locations on the Swipii app… Woohoo!


Pizza cartoon is reward on the Swipii app


Heading out for a few drinks then there are still places you can earn points whilst enjoying a beverage or two- one which we like to hit up is Malone’s, especially when the sun is shining and you can sit in their glorious beer garden. And let us be one of the first to say- you will be gaining a freebie quicker than you think when you head there.


If you are thinking you can only earn points for food or drink, then you will be pleasantly surprised. You can also redeem rewards in some beauty salons and hairdressers, for instance. Looking to pamper yourself within a beautiful setting? The Beauty Room & Day Spa is a place we would recommend to visit. Or looking for even more specialised treatment, why not try Clinica Medica– they know how to get me feeling my best. Also when I want to treat someone to something quirky, I find myself heading to Geek-Aboo on Queen Street. The place is full of so much cool stuff.


swipii app mockup screen


Food, drinks, shopping and pampering; the Swipii app has it all! It’s so easy to earn points all day, every day- all you need to do to start is to download the app. Easy peasy!

Download it now!


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