What is Cashback? And how do I earn it?


We’ve introduced cashback on the Swipii app, but what is cashback?

If you’ve been hanging around the Swipii app in the past couple of weeks, or if you’ve been keeping up-to-date with our social posts, you’ll have realised that you can now earn cashback with Swipii! Woohoo! But what is cashback?

Cashback has been around for a while now, however, that there are many people who aren’t quite in-the-loop when it comes to earning cash back on your purchases. 


Cashback, in a nutshell, is “When you buy something, you get a percentage of the amount it cost paid back to you” (Source: Money Advice Service)

Basically, it’s an incentive to shop with a particular business! With Swipii, it’s a reward for shopping at one of our local participating locations. Getting rewarded for shopping local is what we’re all about! 


How do you go about earning cashback?

When you’ve got the Swipii app, when you shop with a linked card in participating locations (including Di Maggio’s, Bath St Burger and more), you earn some cash back! 

You can earn cashback on the Swipii app with our Swipii Deals or as part of the participating businesses’ loyalty programs.


Here’s how cashback on Deals works in the Swipii app: 

How It Works Cashback Deals

It’s super simple! With loyalty programs, it’s mostly the same, except you don’t need to Activate a Deal. All you do is link your card to the Swipii app and shop in a participating location to earn your cashback. 

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Which businesses are offering cashback with Swipii?

If you want to earn cashback with the Swipii app, there are quite a lot of businesses now participating! Meaning more and more opportunity for you to get cashback on your purchases and get some money in your pocket. 


Here are some of the businesses now offering cashback on the Swipii app:

  • Di Maggio’s 
  • Bath St Burger
  • Soups U
  • Wong’s St. Enoch Centre
  • Joanna Goodbite
  • Fèist
  • The Chicken Place


Some real Glasgow favourites in there! Now that you know what cashback is, we hope you can start earning some on your next coffee, lunch, brunch and more…


Sounds ideal! Let’s get started!

Hopefully, we’ve managed to answer the question “what is cashback” for you, and have given you some practical takeaways! 

First and foremost, we hope you’re excited about getting involved with the Swipii app and starting to earn cashback at local businesses in your area!

Check out the app today to view our latest Swipii Deals and earn yourself some cashback. 

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