What are shoppers spending their Swipii points on?

The Swipii rewards app and loyalty platform is all about loyalty. We want to reward customers for being loyal to their local businesses, and we want to enable these businesses to compete with big corporations through the power of data. Our team had a look back at the year of 2018 to see what was going on in terms of which rewards our Swipii users were loving.


The card linking technology of the new Swipii rewards app makes it simpler and more convenient for shoppers to collect loyalty points, which will mean they get rewarded faster, and more often!


Let’s take a look at some of the more popular rewards from 2018 in the Swipii app.

A cup of coffee which was redeemed via the Swipii app.


What is THE most redeemed reward on the Swipii app?

2018 was a big year for coffee drinkers. Especially those who were collecting Swipii points at their favourite cafés and coffee shops throughout the year. Coffees (or “hot drinks”) were by far the most redeemed rewards across the board.


At our last recording, over 67,000 FREE coffees were rewarded to Swipii users across the year!


We sat down and did some maths.


Let’s say the average cup of coffee is 420ml (roughly). Our 67,000 free coffees then equate to around 28,140 litres of coffee (now there’s a caffeine buzz for you).


Now, consider this hot tub. It holds 700 litres, enough for 4 people to have a wonderful hot tub party in the garden.


A hot tub to demonstrate how well the rewards app works.


The amount of FREE coffee rewarded to Swipii users would fill just over 40 of these magnificent hot tubs! FORTY.


One store alone rewarded its very loyal customers with 5,000 free coffees just in the last year. For this company, the coffee was worth 30 points, which on the old platform would have meant 6 separate visits. So, in return for these 5,000 free coffees, the business had 30,000 visits from their loyal Swipii customers in getting coffee and perhaps a bite to eat. Amazing!


What’s the most impressive reward that’s ever been redeemed?

Although the Swipii app has seen some incredible rewards over the years, redemption is a whole other kettle of fish. Sometimes, a business will find that some customers are more loyal than others, which was certainly the case when it came to Meridian Fitness last year.


Gif with man working out asking for snacks like our rewards app user.


Worth 3,000 points, one absolute power user on Swipii was rewarded with a full YEAR’S gym membership. In the older Swipii product (before we launched our sleek new rewards app), Swipii shoppers were rewarded 5 points per visit rather than points based on their spend.


This meant that the avid gym-goer turned up to work out at Meridian Fitness at least 600 TIMES.


I think that qualifies as being one of the most impressive things we’ve ever heard, let alone a majorly impressive reward!


Any other rewards ideas you think people might like?

Sometimes it can be a treat for your Swipii rewards app customers to see something a bit different in the rewards section. You don’t need to go mad. At Abertay University in Dundee, 68 fabulous folks redeemed the reward of a free university hoodie! That’s 68 people who were far cosier this winter. The hoodies themselves were worth 500 points, which with the old Swipii key fob, meant that these shoppers visit the shop on campus at least 100 times.


If you’re a business with some snazzy merchandise you think your customers might like, why not set it up as a reward?


Gif from the breakfast club with hoodie like those on offer in rewards app.


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