We’re trialling Cashback!


Would you rather a free coffee or £2 in your pocket? 

We’re incredibly excited to finally let you know about an awesome new feature we’ve been working on – CASHBACK 🎉

Check it out in the app!

At the moment, we’re trialling cashback as a reward at a handful of participating Swipii businesses and we wanted to share a lowdown on what this will mean for how you can use Swipii and some background into why we’re running a trial. 

We think cashback is the best thing since sliced bread and according to research so do you! 

Swipii Cashback Instagram Poll

Why cashback?

We’re constantly and continually using data, research and feedback from the folks who use our app to learn more about what’s great about it, and what the biggest pain points are.

What we’ve found out is that people find earning points easy and that the simplicity of Swipii is one of our greatest features. Thanks, folks! 

Based on the feedback you’ve given us, we also realised that actually redeeming your reward wasn’t the incredible experience we wanted it to be. Sometimes the reward wasn’t quite right for you, or it wasn’t completely clear how to redeem your freebies. 

Once we started thinking about a more flexible, more convenient way to reward you for supporting all these fab local businesses – we landed on cashback

It’s perfect! Cashback means you get to choose how you are rewarded. Plus, it’s universal. Although we have loved the points and rewards that we’ve been able to share with you over the years, cashback just makes way more sense. 


200 points for a free coffee


Spent £20 and get £2 back


You don’t need to have coffee, you can spend that £2 on tea, or on a lottery ticket! 

Your cashback, your choice. 

Compare Points vs Cashback in the app


How it will work

For now, at some Swipii locations, you’ll have the choice between redeeming your reward or withdrawing it as cashback. You’ll need to upgrade to the latest version of the app in the App Store, and is currently only available on iOS. 

Here are the locations where you’ll be able to redeem cashback: Taco Mazama, Soups U,  Joanna Goodbite, and Fèist. 

Here’s how it’s going to look in the app on the business’ page:

Swipii Cashback Business Profile

If you do choose to get cashback in exchange for your hard-earned points, we’ll hold your cash in a Wallet within the app until you meet our minimum amount to withdraw (£5). Then you’ll be able to withdraw the cash to a bank account of your choice! You’ll find the wallet within the Wallet section of the app, alongside your linked cards and your Transaction history. 

Swipii Cashback Wallet


You may be one of the lucky users who are already eligible to withdraw cashback from the app in one of the participating businesses! 🤯


We need your help!

Whether you’re 😍 or 🤔 at the thought of cashback from your favourite Swipii businesses, we want to know! You can give us feedback on what you think of the feature, or share your ideas with us, by dropping our team an email via [email protected]

We can’t wait to hear from you! 


Check it out in the app! 

You can read all of the cashback Ts & Cs here.


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