Introducing Swipii 2.0: The New Future of Customer Loyalty

Swipii was launched in 2015 with a dream…

A dream to make the life of shoppers more rewarding and simpler.

We wanted to help shoppers avoid cluttering their wallets and phones with unnecessary coupons, discount vouchers loyalty apps and cards.

At the same time, we wanted to help retail businesses understand their customers better through data and insights.

And since our launch, the team at Swipii has worked tirelessly to help connect 1200 businesses to almost 1 million users in just over 2 years.

We couldn’t be more thankful to our businesses and users who have believed in us and supported us throughout our journey. Without all of them we wouldn’t be where we are today.

However, we always knew at bottom of our heart that:

Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff – Salesforce Founder

At Swipii that journey never ends.

It’s built into our culture.

Everyday we aim to deliver the best experience and value to both our users & businesses.

And after 3 months of coding, 3000+ cups of coffee, and thousands of hours of research…

We’ve found our dream technology that can deliver our dream idea in its best shape.

One that we believe will bring huge value to our users and will completely change the way loyalty programs operate.

We are launching our brand-new loyalty rewards app that will supercharge any payment card (Mastercard, Visa or American Express), from any bank, into Swipii’s universal loyalty program – where you can collect points and earn free rewards for your everyday purchases AUTOMATICALLY!

Swipii Card Linking Technology

All you have to do is securely link your card to our app once, then you can forget about remembering any information or carrying any more loyalty cards, apps, voucher etc. It’s that simple.

You’ll now get rewarded every time you spend on your card with Swipii participating business.

Worried about security? Swipii never store your card details, and we don’t have access to your bank account. In fact, everything is anonymous and we encrypt all data using the same level of security that your bank uses.

Swipii can only read card transaction information so we can allocate the correct points to your account. Nothing else.

We are delighted to announce that our test launch in Glasgow starts on the 4th June 2018. We have selected 10 businesses to be part of our test launch – so a big shout to everyone in Glasgow!

Please download the app, use it and let me know your feedback directly at [email protected].

You can download our brand new app for iOS or Android by clicking here

With this new product Swipii hopes to be Always Rewarding!


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