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Ten Top Tips for Students for Food, Life and Saving Money

Heather Young
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Students of the world! Need some advice on what to do with your food or how to organise your life? It can be a slog getting through student life with exams to study for and bills to pay, so we’ve gathered some top tips for students across the board to help you save money, stay productive and some other useful tidbits we found.

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  1. Going on a night out? Double up on dinner!

Save yourself the money on that 3am pizza crunch by making a double helping when you’re having dinner before a night out. Get home and gorge on some reheated pasta and hungover-you the next day will thank you!

  1. Always keep a fiver on you

Stick a fiver in the back of your phone case or in a wee compartment in your purse or wallet. How many time have you been caught needing a few quid and the bus doesn’t take card, you’re short of money for a taxi or you’re desperate for a wee panini between classes. Nowadays, most places take card, but you don’t want to be caught out when you end up somewhere that doesn’t!

Tips for Students using laptops
  1. Reference as you go along

Related directly to your uni work, please remember and do all your references and bibliography as you go! I have no idea how many students have been caught out over the years thinking it will be hunky-dory and have to pull a 5am stint in the library to finish the forsaken references list.

  1. Download the right apps

As an app, we think this is a biggie! Our app, Swipii, will help you save money on your purchases by earning you cashback on every spend you make in loads of local businesses. You should also have a look at other helpful apps like Too Good To Go, Monzo, Uber and Evernote to help you out during your time at uni.

  1. Have a weekly budget

Easy to say, hard to stick to. Setting a weekly budget is only beneficial if you actually follow it! Make sure it’s realistic, factoring in any fast food or nights out you think you might have. By limiting your weekly outgoings and forcing you to prioritise, you’ll find ways to curb your costs and be more aware of how you are spending your money.

Tips for students sitting on steps outside
  1. Throw away stuff you don’t need!

Clearing your room always helps clear the mind a little. There’s no doubt, that over the years you spend at uni, you’ll accumulate a large amount of stuff. And I will bet that you don’t need most of it. Those free plastic shot glasses the clubs were giving out during Fresher’s week? The collection of lanyards from every society in the uni? I am willing to bet you don’t need them. Get rid of stuff you don’t need to clear space and help you feel more organised.

  1. Reusable coffee mugs and water bottles

Whether you’re doing it to save the environment or to save money, investing in a reusable coffee mug and filling it before your lectures in the morning will undoubtedly help you out. You don’t need to get a Starbucks Caramel Macchiato every day of the week. Plus, get yourself a water bottle to stop you paying for something you can literally get out of the tap. Invest in a filter if you’re not a big fan of tap flavour.

  1. Choose your bank account wisely

One thing that will really help you out at uni, and in the years following, is making sure you have the right bank account set up to help you out. Don’t just stick with the one your mum and dad have, have a look around for who is offering Student accounts and check out the benefits each offer. This could include fee-free overdrafts or cash bonuses for opening an account. Definitely worth an investigation!

Tips for students walking through glass doors
  1. Buy second-hand

One of the easiest ways to save money as well as look after the environment is to shop second-hand! Whether it’s finding your uni books on eBay or getting furniture for your student flat from the local Salvation Army, nowadays it is pretty easy to find high-quality second-hand stuff that won’t break the bank. Plus, Depop!  

  1. Start everything early!

When I was at uni, everyone told me to start things earlier, and I ignored them. “I work well under pressure”, I said. I was wrong! Start everything early, even if it’s just making a plan to make your life easier when the deadline begins to loom. You’ll feel more organised and it will help your stress levels immensely!

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