The Best Tablets for Small Businesses to Help You Compete (Apparently) 


What do you think you need in order to run a successful local business? Great marketing? Awesome customer relationships? Yes, and yes. More recently, it appears that the humble tablet or iPad is becoming more and more essential for the food and drinks industry. For other industries too, but the impact on hospitality businesses like cafés and takeaways is significant. 

Do you have a tablet behind your till? Do you have more than one? You’re not alone. 


Tablets for Small Businesses Ipad Launch

This will be your staff accepting the orders coming through on all those tablets (it’s actually an iPad launch, but you get the idea)…


Swipii used to provide tablets for small businesses to let customers check-in

If you know Swipii circa 2015-16, then you might remember us having a tablet-based loyalty program for local businesses. It was awesome, and customers loved tapping their Swipii cards on the Swipii tablet to earn points and rewards at their favourite spots. 

Meanwhile, tablets just weren’t sustainable for Swipii or for the local businesses on our platform. More and more providers were turning to tablets to provide a service for the businesses we worked with, and the till point was getting more and more cluttered. 

So we chose to take a step back, rethink our product and provide something different- something we think works well for SME owners. But more about that later.


Which services require an extra bit of kit behind the till?

Tablets still appear to be a huge part of running a successful local business, particularly in the food industry. Many of the delivery and ordering giants still require you to get set up with a tablet at your POS. We had a look into a couple to see what the experience might be like for you and your business.



After doing a wee bit of research into which businesses require you to pop a tablet behind the counter, Deliveroo was one of the first to appear. Deliveroo now provides tablets for small businesses like restaurants or takeaways who are on the platform, which are used to receive their orders and be able to manage all the deliveries coming through. It’s a model that works! And you’ll get the tablet from Deliveroo when you sign up so no need to buy the hardware. But this is just the start…


Deliveroo Order Tablets for Small Businesses


Uber Eats

If we ignore the error I got under the images on the Uber Eats page for new restaurant partners, you can see from this little glimpse that this delivery service will also require a tablet for small businesses behind their till. Of course, you don’t need to sign up to all of the businesses we’re mentioning! But many businesses do, and the hardware begins to pile up. Something you might want to consider before you fill in an interest form. 

Uber Eats Tablets for Small Businesses


Just Eat

Another of the big players, Just Eat, also requires businesses who sign up to the platform to place tablets behind their tills. The ‘Orderpad’ is a tablet specifically for Just Eat orders and comes with a little printer to print our those orders for the kitchen, or for your records. And it looks like there are some benefits involved! Make sure you do your research before partnering up. Get feedback from other business owners you know who are on the platform. 

Tablet-wise though, this is one more plug socket you’ll have to give up. 

Just Eat Benefits Tablets for Small Businesses


Delivery giants are just the start, then there’s loyalty, tills, card readers…

We’ve just gathered a tiny snapshot of the businesses who, at this moment in time, require you to install and integrate hardware at your till point. And this is before you add in your till, your marketing materials, your card readers and whatever else you need depending on your industry!

That till point is starting to become a busy place. We know that many of the companies who provide these tablets for small businesses are beginning to look for alternative methods of integrating with your business. Here at Swipii, we wanted to be a bit ahead of the game. 

Our seamless loyalty marketing platform for local businesses is a different kettle of fish in more ways than one. Best of all, there’s no additional hardware needed! Just your usual till and card readers. 


Choose something more seamless… Choose Swipii!

Although we used to provide loyalty programs which relied on a tablet behind the till, in local restaurants, we built something that’s entirely more seamless. The technology behind our app means no integration with your POS, no tablets- no hardware at all! On top of that, you and your staff will never need to stamp any cards, swipe or tap anything with Swipii. Ideal, huh? 

You can find out more about Swipii for Business here or you can Contact Us on 0800 368 7416 to find out more at your own convenience!

We can’t wait to hear from you! 


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