Swipii: You’re In Secure Hands

So, your friends are signing up to Swipii and you want to join in the fun and earn loads of free stuff.

Why not…✋

You’re spending on your credit or debit card most of the time anyway, so why wouldn’t you want to get rewarded for it.

Show me the money Swipii

But you still have some concerns or questions.

Is connecting my payment card to the Swipii app safe?

Will payments be made without my knowledge?

Will my data be sold on to third parties?

There’s got to be a catch…right? Well no…

We get why you may be hesitant to link your bank cards to a new app. This is new technology after all, and it’s our job to make you feel safe.

I remember the first time I used online banking about 15 years ago, so I know how you may feel (yes that was my ‘confused’ and ‘not sure about this’ face below)

The reality is though, we expect you to consider security every time you go to make a payment or link your card to a new service or app.

And we want you to always make informed decisions about who you share your personal data with and for what purpose. We’re talking about you, GDPR!


So, how do we keep your data safe and secure?

Swipii uses bank-level security practices to ensure your personal data is secure at all times. We don’t cut any corners here 🔐

Swipii is safe and secure


Here’s the technical part…are you ready?

We work with a card linking provider who is a Level 1 PCI compliant financial service that processes over 6 million card transactions per year.

Being PCI compliant means that you are held to the standards of the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. It’s the most secure way to use card linking technology.

Your bank card details are never stored, and we don’t have access to your bank account either, we don’t even take your 3-digit security number (CVV) so there’s no way we could ever take payment either. Swipii can only see card transaction information for the purpose of points allocation to your Swipii account.

Safe all the way

Even if your phone is lost, stolen or unlocked, it’s impossible for your bank card details to be accessed through the Swipii app.

So, if you still have questions about how secure your data is with Swipii, we’d love to chat with and answer any questions that you may have. Click here to chat to someone from the team right now.

We know that you’re information is secure with Swipii and we want you to feel confident using our app and platform.


Free Rewards are Waiting

Did you know that free rewards are waiting for you right now! Just link your bank card to our secure Swipii app and start redeeming those offers!

Get the new Swipii app now. Just search “Swipii” in the App Store or Google Play or click here to download for your device now.