Which is better, Swipii or a coffee stamp card? Hint: It’s Swipii

When was the last time you got a free coffee?

It’s lovely, isn’t it? Like winning a prize. When you have finally got all your stamps or hole punches, and you can finally collect your free coffee, like a child accepting an award for participation at the end of year assembly.


After nine coffees have been drunk, the tenth has been hard-earned. It’s deserved. But does this happen to people often? Even those of us who habitually visit the same coffee shop every day, do we remember our hole punch card? Have we started about ten of them and lost every last one? Of course, we have. And that’s where this type of loyalty starts to lose me.


A coffee stamp loyalty card example for context.


Ever forgotten your coffee stamp card? We thought so

If you say you have never forgotten a loyalty card, you are a stone cold liar. Or of course, just a completely perfect human being. Either or.


But still, for the vast majority of the imperfect (but truthful) population, forgetting, losing or accidentally destroying your loyalty card is an absolutely common thing.


The Swipii app is a bit different here. We’re just going on the assumption that most people don’t forget, lose, or accidentally destroy their smartphone (not on a regular basis anyway).


With all of your loyalty points safe inside the cosy app, you don’t even need to use your phone to collect points. You don’t even need to scan anything. No stamps or any hole punches. Just pay by card. That’s literally it.


Do you even like coffee? Where are the other options?

One of the problems I’ve found is that just about every hole punch or stamp loyalty card out there entitles me, the valued customer, to a free coffee. Great!


Although… I’m cutting down my caffeine, can I have a smoothie? No. Can I have a cake? No. Okay, so just coffee. Great.


I’m not going to care if my tenth coffee is free if I don’t like coffee to begin with. Customer loyalty of any kind should be rewarded, really. Whether I buy the whole shop or just a wee sandwich, I’m still a regular and I’m still trying to be loyal.


With Swipii, we reward you with 10 points for every £1 you spend, even pennies. And the rewards are incredibly varied from one business to another.


Whether you want a free burrito, a milkshake or even a return trip to India (not kidding), you can get rewarded in whichever way works for you! Now that’s rewarding.



A set of coffee cups to represent stamps on a coffee stamp loyalty card.


A hole punch won’t wish you a happy birthday

I realise I’m stating the obvious here. I know. What I’m really trying to get at in this entire article is that loyalty plans or schemes like hole punches and stamps don’t really take into account what a person is like, or what they actually like. Tailored, personalised loyalty programs work for me- I know I smile every time a business offers me something I love on my birthday, for free.


Personal touches like this are more easy to carry out when you actually have my data. I might not want to tell you every single thing about my life, but I will definitely take the free burrito on my birthday. Definitely.


With Swipii, the businesses can see what we’re spending, and what we’re redeeming (which they can’t do with a punch card). This gives them a bit more insight into what they should offer as a reward. The result? Happy customers like me. Fabulous.


Join the Swipii Revolution

If you don’t have the app yet, what are you doing? The number of businesses we have on the Swipii app is growing, not just in Glasgow (where we launched) but also in Edinburgh, London, Liverpool- with everywhere else very much in the pipeline!


Download the app today to see what kind of rewards are on offer from some of your favourite independent businesses in the UK.


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