How the Swipii app will make your life easier 😌

We think you should download the Swipii app. That much is clear. We’re working hard on getting loads of cool new local businesses on the app so you can start earning rewards near you- maybe even at your favourite businesses! But why should you download it? Well, it’s gonna make your life so much easier. In so many ways!


Here are five of the ways we think the Swipii app will make your life much easier.




You can have a clear out of your wallet/purse


Who was obsessed with throwing stuff out if it didn’t “spark joy”? From spring cleaning to decluttering, we’re a nation obsessed with organising our stuff and trying to be minimal. Why doesn’t the same apply for our purses? Swipii removes the need to have loyalty cards in your purse for tonnes of different local businesses, so you can start throwing out some of those paper punch cards when a local business joins the Swipii app.



Forgetful? You don’t need to remember anything


We can’t be the only ones always forgetting to take our loyalty card when we head to a local business for lunch. That’s one of the reasons we created the Swipii app. As you might have guessed, we already think that there are too many plastic and paper loyalty cards in our wallets and trying to remember to use them all is downright stressful. When you’ve linked your card to the Swipii app, you can basically forget about it unless you’re using the app to discover new places or rate your local businesses. No need to get it out at the till unless you’re redeeming a reward! Perfecto.


swipii app mockup screen



It’s easier to make decisions on where to eat


Heading out for some food with friends but no one knows where they fancy? The Swipii app can get rid of some of that indecision by showing you all of the top restaurants near you, and which rewards they have on offer. With that, you can decide what’s nearby, what looks good and which rewards you’d fancy redeeming. That should save some time!



You’ll save money in your favourite businesses


The whole point of Swipii is to make sure you get rewarded for shopping in Swipii locations, particularly those you’re using every single day. Say you go to your local coffee shop every morning to get your oat milk latte. Download the Swipii app, and after buying a coffee Monday to Thursday, you could get it for free on the Friday. It’s the same with other businesses too! Go for a hair cut once a month? You could get it for free a few times a year.


Image of bank card and smartphone with card linking technology in the Swipii app.



You’ll be in and out the coffee shop quicker


Ever found yourself fumbling around at the till, coins flying everywhere, trying to get your money or bank card ready, and then struggling to find your loyalty card. Stressful, and a frustrating hold-up every time you go to pay. When you’ve linked your card with the Swipii app, you just need to pay by card in your favourite Swipii shops, cafes, salons and more. Which you’d be doing anyway! Super simple, and very fast.


Sounds ideal right? If you don’t have the Swipii app downloaded yet, what are you doing? You can start earning points at Malones, Martha’s and Wilson Street Pantry now.  


Download the app today!


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