More Businesses Joining the Digital Loyalty Revolution

One quick search for digital loyalty programs will show you that there’s an ever-increasing host of businesses joining the revolution to bring their programs online. Whether it’s Swipii providing digital loyalty programs for local businesses, or a multinational company building a branded loyalty experience for their customers, more and more shoppers now have access to loyalty via their smartphone.


We had a look at some of the big players who have recently chosen to develop new or reworked digital loyalty platforms, to give an insight into trends developing in the loyalty world.


Boots Logo Digital Loyalty


Boots have managed to run one of the most popular and successful loyalty programs for many years now. Alongside the giants like Clubcard and Nectar, it’s not hard to find people in your circle who have had a Boots Advantage card at some point in their life. With tailored offers by post and brilliant deals, it’s easy to see why it was a winner. And now it’s digital. Boots loyalty card-holders can now view and use their Advantage card using only their smartphone. The phone features a barcode to be scanned instead of searching for the plastic card in your purse or wallet. Far handier.


Shell Logo Digital Loyalty



The iconic logo of this multinational fuel company can be recognised far and wide. Soon, their digital loyalty program will be almost as significant, as they release their new Shell Go+ rewards program. Shell believes in it so much, that they’re swapping out their old Shell Drivers Club program for this. From loyalty points to offers and more, the Shell Go+ program allows users to earn points on both fuel and non-fuel transactions! Users simply scan the digital loyalty card from within their Shell app to receive points instantly. They can order a physical card if they want, but the instantaneous benefits of the digital loyalty program are there to be seen.


Airbnb Logo Digital Loyalty



For anyone looking to do a spot of travelling, or just looking for a quirky place to lay your head on your next staycation, Airbnb has become a staple for so many of us. Until now, a loyalty program for this business has been nothing but a whisper on the wind. Recently, it was announced that they are now looking into a membership loyalty program, which, like its main service, will be completely digital. The perks and processes aren’t yet decided (or if they are decided, they haven’t been announced yet) but Airbnb is looking for suggestions now from their customers to ensure their new digital loyalty program fits the bill.


Diesel Logo Digital Loyalty



Diesel has created a membership reward and loyalty program which is revolutionising the way that brands can utilise user referrals from loyal customers. Their new SIDE:BIZ program turns loyal customers into “influencers”, by providing them with a unique link to share on social media or via email. When people shop with the link, the loyal customer gets rewarded with discounts, offers, free products and unique experiences.


Reebok Logo Digital Loyalty



Earlier this year, Reebok introduced a new loyalty and rewards program for its customers called Unlocked. Unlocked is a new tiered-style program, rewarding shoppers for “dollars spent, but … also points associated with social interaction, with account creation and enrichment, event interaction, et cetera.” (Source: Digiday). Again, Reebok is looking to integrate this loyalty program with the online experience that their customers are having. Consumers who are signed up to the Unlocked program have also got the chance to earn more points with various partners in the wellness sector. All via one digital loyalty program.



If you own or run a local business and you’re wondering how you’re going to compete with the global giants mentioned here, don’t worry. We can provide you with a digital loyalty program which will help you to increase your customer retention and learn more about your customers’ behaviour- to give you even more power to compete. You can even sign up for free, we’re so confident that you’re going to see value!

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