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A Monzo Alternative to Enable Smaller Businesses to Compete: The Swipii App.

Monzo and Flux have banded together to enable customers earn loyalty points and rewards

Mobile-only banking app Monzo and fintech startup Flux yesterday announced that they have partnered up to provide their customers with a loyalty and rewards system on top of their banking services. The move comes after a period of incredible success for Monzo, who have rapidly become a major player in online banking, growing its customer base by five times in one year. By combining their popular service with the receipts and loyalty rewards system that Flux have developed, there is potential for this move to bring major benefits for their corporate partners. Boosting sales and enticing consumers away from their preferred local, independent businesses.

Paying by contactless registers on the Swipii app, providing a Monzo alternative.

Rewards for Consumers… And for Big Business

The system that Monzo and Flux have introduced at an event in London yesterday will mean that users of the open banking app can receive digital, itemised receipts and loyalty points. The list of retailers which can be used in this scheme is full of major players. Users can pay for items in the chosen retailers by card, and receive “e-stamps” directly to their email. This is a fast and convenient process, but it is limited.

Between EAT and Costa Coffee, small businesses may have felt a pinch as the Monzo users stayed faithful to big business. However, Swipii is providing a Monzo alternative for users, which will keep independent markets and businesses thriving. 


How can the Local Independent Shops Compete?

It’s a difficult time to be a small business in a competitive marketplace. With major corporations taking over the independent shop in industries like hospitality, retail and beauty, how can they compete? Loyalty is key.

Did you know that the successful small businesses get 60-70% of their customers coming back on a monthly basis? Finding a technique that will help you build a customer base and retain it is essential if you want to compete with the major corporations. This is where the Swipii app comes in. We’re all about getting to know who makes up your most loyal customer base, and how you can connect with them, learn from them and reward them for their loyalty.

This is the Swipii app which could be used as Monzo alternative.

We present you with our most rewarding loyalty system yet. The Swipii app is an affordable and easy to setup Monzo alternative. Not only does it give your already loyal customers the chance to be rewarded, it also gives small, local businesses the chance to gather insight about their customer base and use it to ramp up more effective and personalised marketing. In comparison to the more limited offerings with the Flux loyalty system (which only works with certain online banking platforms, including Monzo), the Swipii app works with any debit or credit card. We’ve worked with over 1,500 local businesses to provide loyalty points and rewards to 1.1 million users. 

The Swipii app gives your local coffee shop a way to fight back against the Costa Coffees of the world. Using loyalty, rewards and convenience, we can help independent business rule the marketplace.

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