Meeting the Swipii Squad

The Swipii team are a small bunch of awesome people, working hard together towards the common goal of helping to support small, local businesses! What’s it like to be part of the team? Ahead of revamping our About Us section on the site (you’ll soon see our beautiful faces here), we wanted to share a bit of the team’s day-to-day life in the Swipii office. We’ve studied Events, History, Psychology- just about anything you can imagine. And here we all are!


I spoke to folks from our Customer Success Team Leader to find out what they think of working for Swipii.


What’s a typical day like in the Swipii office?

After speaking to a lot of staff, the consensus was clear, as one team member put it- “There isn’t really a typical day for me at Swipii”. Due to the nature of being a startup, and our adaptive natures, the typical day changes all the time. Another Swipii staff member said that she spends most of the day talking to our customers, letting them know about the app and helping them out! But some days she’s out and about in Glasgow scoping out potential new businesses to run their loyalty programs on the Swipii app!


This is the same for so many of us in the Swipii team- there’s such a variety of things to do! And as we’re constantly trying new things, learning and expanding our knowledge- every day is basically a school day. From our Growth learnings workshops to fireside chats, there’s always something new to learn.


A view of the office when working at swipii.

View of the office from the front door!


What makes your role at Swipii great?

As we already know, working at Swipii can be different every day! So for a lot of people in the office, it’s the diversity and variety that makes their roles truly enjoyable. One team leader also added that “problem-solving is [an] extremely fun” part of what he does! Seen as we’re learning, changing and adapting, there are always going to be little surprises! And working out the best way to solve these can be a challenge that the team find interesting and enjoyable.

On the other hand, some of our staff think that the best bit of working for Swipii is definitely getting out into the town and visiting local businesses to find out how we can best support them! As we’ve started the launch of the Swipii product in Glasgow, it’s great that we can actually go and talk to business owners, sample their coffees and really get to know their market.


What’s the driving force for Swipii staff?

If you’ve had a look around the site, you’ll know that we’re big on embodying the four main tenets of our company values- always empowering, always respecting, always nurturing and always being mindful. Our team noted that by respecting our teammates, empowering and nurturing them- it really ends up being the teamwork that drives us all to keep improving and building on how we support local businesses.


The gals of the team!


Joining the Swipii team

Does this sound like your kind of place? You can check out our Careers page to find out more about the roles we have open right now and see if there’s a good fit for you. You can always drop us an email to [email protected] to ask us a question or find out more about the company.

We’ll be hearing from you!



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