Making the most of Swipii: Finding Glasgow’s Independent Businesses

If you, like us, love finding new independent businesses in your area then this blog is for you. 

Being based in the city centre of Glasgow, we’re always looking out for new coffee shops, lunch spots and bars to visit. And we love it when we find a fab, new independent! 

Luckily, Glasgow is absolutely chock full of awesome small and local businesses… Many of them are on the app. 

Here’s a bit of background on Glasgow’s incredible independent ‘scene’ and how you can go about finding them all. 


Glasgow Independent Businesses buchanan street


Glasgow is becoming increasingly independent

The results are in, and Glasgow really is one of the most independent cities in the UK. Scottish Field published some research completed by Liberis which put Glasgow as number one on an official list of the UK’s most ‘independent’ cities. 

Scottish Field lists some of our amazing types of independent businesses, “from record stores to restaurants, cinemas to gyms” and remind us that it’s not just the foodie places we all know and love as being independent. 

Local business owners are choosing Glasgow as the place to launch their small business in a huge range of different marketplaces. 


More independent restaurants opening here than chains

At the start of this year, The Herald released an article titled “Independents, not chains, dominate Glasgow restaurant openings” and it’s true! 

Just recently, we’ve seen loads of new independent restaurants opening in the city. Stack and Still are looking to open another restaurant, the much-anticipated Mezcal is due to open soon, and El Perro Negro is opening another branch too! 

There are small independent cafés opening on every corner too, from the aesthetically pleasing Insta-locations to the clean-eating, vegan spots. 

It’s almost hard to keep up with all of the new openings, you’re never going to be short of suggestions on where to eat in this city! 


Glasgow Independent Businesses Ashton lane


Where are all these independent Glasgow businesses?

Everywhere! The fact of the matter is that Glasgow is absolutely buzzing with all the small, local and/or independent businesses. But how can you view all of them in one place? 

There are some platforms which seek to give you a definitive list, but we think Swipii is the place to go (we are biased but we are also proud of our app)!

We’ve got a long list of independent businesses on there and not only that, but we’re also supporting them by providing technology to power seamless loyalty programs. This will benefit you too if you’re planning on becoming a regular at these independents- as you’ll get freebies out of it. 

So far, we’ve really focused on getting lots and lots of local Glasgow businesses on the app. We’re based here and we’re really passionate about getting it right in our home town. So, we’re trying to continue giving a platform to Glasgow’s awesome independent businesses so that everyone wins! 



Making the most of the Swipii app in Glasgow

Swipii is one of the easiest ways for shoppers in Glasgow to discover new independent businesses and find their favourite local places. 

Our mission is “to enable communities to discover, connect and share rewards at local businesses”, and part of this is making sure that the local independent businesses have the tools they need to succeed on the high street. 

Did you know that Swipii offers small local businesses with a loyalty platform completely for free? We want to make sure that independent Glasgow businesses can get the same benefits from innovative new technology as their larger high street counterparts. 

The next time you are looking for independent businesses in Glasgow, try the Swipii app. You’ll get the benefits from being a loyal customer and you’ll be helping a local small business to thrive!


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