Linking Your Card on the Swipii App: All You Need to Know

Just downloaded the Swipii app? Come here for a bit of guidance on how you can make the most of all the app’s features you have at your fingertips (literally)?


Linking your card to the Swipii app is a key part of making sure the app works for you, and gets you well on your way to earning points and awesome freebies and great businesses in your area. 


We realise that, for many, linking your card can sound like an ominous task. It’s not! It’s simple and extremely secure. So we’re here to explain what it all means and how it all works! You can also read our FAQs for a bit more background and information if you fancy. 


How to use the Swipii app

Using the Swipii app is simple! And there are tonnes of benefits you’ll experience when you start using it in your day-to-day. With card linking, you can just keep shopping and paying by card and you’ll earn points automatically without any effort whatsoever. You’ll have a surprise freebie waiting for you in the app in no time! 


Here are the seven stages shoppers will go through on their journey through the Swipii-verse…


  1. Using the app to find their new favourite business

  2. Getting directions to head along for a treat

  3. Paying by card as normal and earning points automatically

  4. Earning enough points to redeem awesome free rewards

  5. Giving the businesses ratings to help them improve

  6. Getting notifications for local shops running ‘double points’ offers

  7. Coming soon… Referring a friend to earn some bonus freebies! 


It’s really simple to use and you’ll find it’ll become a staple for your shopping trips and nights out to earn those points! There are even more cool features being added regularly too, so you might be getting even better deals and freebies soon…


How do we make this incredible (if we do say so ourselves) app work? 

New Swipii app design


How the Swipii app works

The Swipii app is great because of all of the awesome local businesses who are a part of it (if you are an awesome local business, you can find out more about Swipii for Business here).


Businesses sign up to Swipii and pick a reward (or up to 3 rewards) and decide how many points you need to earn to get a freebie. We set this up on the app and get synced up to their payment machine so we can see when a Swipii shopper needs to get some points! 


We use card linking technology with this, with shoppers linking up their payment card to the Swipii app (you can read more about linking your card below). When a linked card is used to pay in a Swipii participating store, we allocate points automatically! No-one needs to do anything additional, like swiping cards or scanning codes. Just pay as usual!


We’ll send you a wee notification to let you know your points are in your account, so you know when to look for a freebie that’s ready to redeem! 

Swipii app card image


What you should know about card linking

It’s essential to link your card to the Swipii app in order to earn points. If you’ve had the chance to have a look at our FAQs, you’ll be a dab hand at card linking and how it works in the Swipii app. We’ve also written an article “What is Card Linking Technology” which covers it all too. Here are the key points:


  • The Swipii app uses bank-level security and we’re compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards in every way possible! 

  • When you pop your details into the Swipii app, whether you scan them in using your camera or type them in as normal, Visa or Mastercard encrypt your data and replace it with a token or ID code which is the only bit we’ll even see- and not even this will identify you specifically. Once your data is encrypted, it’s never accessible to anyone, not even us! We store the token/ID code so our systems can see when you’re owed some points but that’s the only thing we keep a hold of. 

  • When you pop in your details on the app, we also don’t take your CV2 (the three digits on the back of your card). These are the digits you would need to take payment or access your bank account in any way. So we both can’t and don’t ever take payment from you. 

  • Our partners work directly with Visa and Mastercard to make Swipii work! They loop up the businesses’ payment machines with Swipii and then link your card up to Swipii, so that when you shop in a Swipii business, you can get points automatically and freebies. Visa and Mastercard let us know when your token shows up as having made a transaction ONLY at Swipii participating stores so we can allocate your points to your account.

  • You can unlink your card at any time, using the little bin icon in the top right- or if you want, you can add multiple cards too! So if you use a couple of cards interchangeably, you can link both so that you never miss out on points. 


Padlock Swipii App Security


Make the most of the Swipii app! 

There’s a couple of things you can do to maximise the number of freebies you can earn via the Swipii app!

  1. Remember to turn on your location services for the Nearby section of the app to work properly- it will help you see which businesses are nearby your location and enable you to get directions to new spots. We’ll never be able to identify you or track you, don’t worry! 

  2. On your profile page, we recommend sliding the toggles for email and push notification preferences. This will mean we can let you know when we’re running ‘double points’ promotions or when there’s been a cool new feature added to the app! More points = more free stuff!


Not got the app yet?

Um, hello? Where have you been? There are now 100s of businesses on the app just waiting to give you awesome freebies when you earn points with them. Download the app now to start making the most of Swipii and getting free stuff just by paying by card when you shop. Neat! 


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