You asked… We answered. Prepare to link your Amex with Swipii! 💘

It’s happened. You will soon be able to link your Amex card with the Swipii app!

We’ve been working hard to make sure that your experience of our app is as great as possible. From providing more incredible rewards to getting more businesses on board, we’re making sure Swipii is the best it can be. After reading your feedback, we could see that VISA and Mastercard meant that we had left out some people who were keen to earn their points but couldn’t use their American Express card.

From Monday 4th March, you now can! Our card linking technology will work with the big three card companies who cover most of the UK, so get linking!



Amex and Swipii… #AlwaysRewarding

It makes sense. Swipii and Amex actually have a lot in common. We both believe that customers should be rewarded for their loyalty to businesses and we want you to have a personalised and enjoyable experience with shops and retailers.

On our app, you can explore local offers and find some incredible bargains in your area. Why not earn Swipii points while you shop with your Amex card and make your next visit a freebie?

By linking your Amex card with your Swipii app you are taking full advantage of all of the offers that are on your doorstep. It’s a win-win. With your Amex card linked, you can earn Avios points, Amex points and Swipii points all at the same time. Just by using your card!


Linking Your Amex Card with Your Swipii App

Soon you will be able to link your Mastercard, VISA or Amex card with the Swipii app, in order to start earning points and redeeming rewards. Whether you prefer contactless, Chip and PIN, Apple Pay, your Apple Watch or even Google Play- if you’ve linked your card, you can pay your way and get rewarded with Swipii.

To all Amex users, welcome to the Swipii family! We can’t wait for you to start getting free stuff from your favourite participating shops!

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