Learning more about Swipii? Here’s what our Swipii values mean in our day-to-day

If you’ve been on the Swipii website, you may have noticed the company values we’ve described on our About Us page- which is being updated soon, keep your eyes peeled.

At the time of writing this, we’ve just had our company offsite to debrief on how Q3 went for the company and start thinking about where we want to be at the end of Q4. It got us thinking about our company values, and how we’ve come so far as a team in a short space of time. And we know there is always room to improve!


So I thought I’d just have a wee read over our company values again, and share how I think these can be and are applied in our day-to-day here in the office.

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Always Nurturing and Fun

Looking after each other, lifting each other up and having fun while we do it. All good here at Swipii. We’re constantly trying to nurture development, not only in our projects but in our people. Always learning, gaining knowledge and continually improving. Across various levels of the company, we try to have weekly 1-to-1s to catch up on how people are doing and pass feedback throughout the company.

We take a pulse check regularly to make sure we’re cultivating the right culture and everyone is proud to work at Swipii, and having fun! We hope this comes across in how we shout about the business, maybe we should do it more?

Every team has its own budget for training, so we can all keep learning, and we share our knowledge with each other every single day. Some of us know more than we think we do!


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Always Empowering

For those that do know more than they think they do? We want them to feel empowered. We want all staff members at Swipii to know that they are in control of their own time, and we want them to be confident in their abilities. We want them to know that when they have an idea or want to try something, the facilities are there to help them. Supporting people to be the best they can be, congratulating them for their achievements and thanking them for their contributions.

We’re making more and more efforts to make sure our team feel in control of their time. Be it with flexi-time to turn up and leave when it makes sense for each individual’s life, or empowering individuals to feel in control of their calendar.

Being empowered is essential for the team to feel more confident in their own decisions and assured enough to know they can make mistakes and learn.


Mindfulness Company Values

Always Mindful

Mindfulness is a bit of a buzzword at the moment. But at its core, being mindful is hugely important, especially for workplaces where you are coming into contact with different processes, stresses and people every single day.

Mindfulness at Swipii comes into play a lot. We’re mindful of making changes and how this helps the company to evolve and we allow ourselves to adapt and be flexible when the changes come. All part of this is refusing to be complacent. We know that we have to work hard and nothing is given to you on a silver platter.

We’re mindful of being individually happier, healthier and more productive. We’re also mindful of our colleagues’ day-to-day. An example of this, we’re currently trying to reduce the number of times we walk up to our other team members’ desks to ask a question that could have waited. Things like this seem small, but they can really interrupt someone else’s workflow. Being mindful of how our actions impact others in the company is hugely important.

High Five Company Values


Always Respecting

Respect is, of course, something that should not just be reserved for the workplace. But we want to highlight that it’s something we find immensely important. Whether it’s with each other, with Swipii users or with our partners, we try and always put ourselves in others’ shoes and be honest and transparent.

Every day at Swipii, we are constantly innovating, testing and measuring. We listen to each others’ ideas and we try them out. We give people credit where it’s due and we are allowed to fail forward and learn.


And not on the list, but all of these values add up to it:


Always Rewarding

Of course, this just seems to go alongside the loyalty platform we provide for businesses. We also want to see Swipii as a workplace that is always rewarding for the team too. Going home at the end of a day feeling like you’ve achieved something. Feeling part of something bigger. Taking collective responsibility.

From our Swipii Shout-Outs which give recognition to staff who have done something worthy of celebration, to going the extra mile to keep the company aligned, every day we can close over the laptop feeling like we’ve achieved something. Which, in my opinion, is always rewarding.


An orange crown icon for our loyalty program.


As we’ve said before, all of these values are always evolving. Company culture isn’t really something you can just write into being- though that’s a start. We’re working on it though, and the whole company is involved. Sound like something you’d like to be part of? You can see if there are any positions available just now by checking out our Careers page. You’ll have the chance to help mould the company for the future!


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