International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Women of Swipii

Here at Swipii, we have been working hard to create a culture in which everyone feels valued and part of the family. Part of this is celebrating the talents and abilities of each individual in our company. Today, as part of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating all of our wonderful ladies. We have incredible women in a range of different roles across the company, making up 13 of our 23 (soon to be 24) members of staff- that’s 54% of the staff! With these women on board, we know that the Swipii rocket ship is the best it can possibly be.


the swipii gals celebrating international women's day


Our (amazingly photogenic) roster of fantastic females includes:


  • Caroline Kirkhope – Tech Team Lead
  • Emma Fairgrieve – Software Developer
  • Gayle Lavery – Client Success Executive
  • Heather Kyle – Client Success Executive
  • Heather Young – Content Marketing Executive
  • Helena Ferrer – Administrative Assistant
  • Janet Balneaves – Director of Growth
  • Karin Tuur – Data Analyst
  • Laura Syme – Senior People Business Partner
  • Lyn Boyd – Finance Assistant
  • Sara Meil – Growth Marketing Manager
  • Sophia Crawford – Client Success Executive
  • Vicky Carroll-Love – Financial Controller


As you can see, we have amazing, intelligent women in all sorts of roles across the company, at all levels- we’re proud that we knock stereotypes out the window when it comes to the “roles women play” in the workplace.


The phrase “you can’t be what you can’t see” is powerful. Role models and people to look up to are important in a young person’s life. We want to show that stereotypes and glass ceilings should get straight in the sea.

gif of ron swanson for international women's day


This article shows the struggles that many women face trying to make a career in software, computer science and tech. We want to get more incredible women into tech, providing positive role models for girls starting out in their careers and show that you don’t need to “fit” into a stereotype.


International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the women who make your life incredible and who inspire you. It’s also a day to bring attention to women’s rights, gender-imbalance and inequality. Many women around the world aren’t as lucky as we might be, with inequality, violence and war affecting millions. On days like today, it’s a reminder to lift up and support your fellow woman (and man)!





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