A More Accurate Way to Increase Your Business’ Ratings

A new feature released for local businesses!

Getting your business on the Swipii app has just become a whole lot more valuable.


We’re releasing a new feature this week to users on the Swipii app, allowing them to review businesses after each transaction.


A simple rating feature will start appearing in-app for loyal customers of Swipii businesses (1 to 5 stars) that allows them to rate their visits each and every time, to support local businesses and help them to improve.


It’ll look a little something like this:


Get accurate feedback from your loyal customers

Similar to Uber’s Rate My Trip, we want to give our participating businesses valuable, real-time reviews from their customers. Not just those that shout the loudest, but all users- and often your most loyal ones.


Did you know that only 15 in every 1000 customers (on average) will leave a review? If we combine this with the fact that only 1 in 10 happy customers actually leave a review, then we’re left with a very small percentage of happy people shouting about your product. Add on to that, customers who had a bad experience with a business are 50% more likely to share it on social media than those who had good experiences and 52% more likely to share it on an online review site– it’s not looking good.

If we can prompt and remind your happy customers to leave reviews, and can see a more genuine list of reviews from all of your Swipii transactions- your average rating will be a fairer reflection of your business.

Why did we build it?

We spoke to a number of local businesses who are already using the Swipii app. We realise that they’re all having issues with getting reviews and making sure the ones they do get are accurate and fair.


So, we’ve built a feature into the app allowing customers to give local businesses reviews only after they’ve made a verified transaction in a business. So nothing fake here! At the moment, the star ratings will only be visible in our database, but in the future, we’ll be adding the star ratings to the Swipii for Business data dashboards to let businesses take action based on their customers’ reviews.

What happens next?

We will be tracking the ratings that Swipii users submit on the app for a week. If Swipii users are interacting with them, we will reach out to businesses to find out what they think the next steps should be. The world is our oyster when it comes to “what comes next” so as a Swipii business, make sure your voice gets heard!

Get in touch!

Being part of the Swipii local business community means you get a voice in what to build next at Swipii.  


We are always trying to build new tools and improvements to help businesses compete with the larger organisations and keep a tighter local collective. Got an idea? Send it over, it might just end up being our next big feature release!



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