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How to Use Google Trends to Increase Sales this Festive Season

Heather Young
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With the festive season about to hit businesses with full force - in a good way and a challenging way - you need to make sure you have every tool available at the ready. One tool which some businesses may overlook that we think could really bring value, is Google Trends.

Often used to analyse the trends in pop culture (see example below), you can also use Google Trends for a range of different business activity. This includes tracking popular products, identifying consumer trends, improving your marketing messaging, learning how to time your campaigns and finding related or competing products and markets.


So, without further ado, let’s take a dive into what Google Trends can do for you and your small business this festive season.

Track the most popular products

With Google Trends, you can easily pop in a product you’ve been thinking of selling, and then find out if you’re going along the right lines. For example, it might have seemed worthwhile to jump on the bread maker bandwagon after the influx during lockdown, but it seems that the trend was somewhat short lived.

Based on your hunches, you can use the tool to find those products which are rising in popularity and make adjustments to your stock.

Identify new trends

With Google Trends, you can also keep an eye on the emerging popular products which will be starting to fly off the shelves during the festive season. A quick check on the trends for “iPhone 12” shows that not only has the model been widely discussed in the last couple of months, it has also resulted in an increase in the number of people looking for the accessories to go with it.


As you can see, “iPhone 12 pro max accessories” is now a Breakout term, meaning it’s had a sudden rise in people talking about it. Which would make sense with the release of the new model! Take advantage of the trend and see how you can make the most of its popularity within our own store.

Improve your marketing messaging

It can be hard to stay down with the kids when you’re out of the loop for a bit. With memes being one of the main forms of communication in certain target markets (take this comment with a large pinch of salt), you need to be able to keep up and make sure your marketing messages are right for the groups of people you are targeting.

Can you tell me why there was a significant increase in popularity for the term “feral hogs”? If not, you’re not paying close enough attention.


All joking aside, we also used Google Trends here at Swipii to help us differentiate between some of the language we were using to describe one of our features. Our Deals section could have been called Offers, but we did the research:


Let the data do the talking! It was a clear option to call the feature Deals when we realised what everyone was actually talking about and looking for.

Learn how to time your campaigns

One of the most difficult things about planning your marketing around the festive seasons is knowing when to start sending those campaigns out. Google Trends can help small businesses to increase sales by allowing them to look at previous trends and start to forecast what will happen this year too.


The chart above might be stating the obvious a little bit - hey, people search for Christmas gift ideas just before Christmas! But you can go a little bit into and start seeing different trends for different offerings. Gift vouchers, for example, see a similar seasonal peak, but you could start campaigns earlier, nearer the start of November as this seems to be when the demand increases.


Try this out with your own products, offers, discounts and menu items to see if there’s a marked trend that you can use to plan your campaigns’ timing.

Find related products and markets

Google Trends can also be used to increase sales by helping small businesses to find related products or potential target markets similar to those already known. For example, I just ran a very quick search for “birthday presents”. Google has helpfully provided me with a little “related topics” section which I can use to get ideas and form ideas.


It can help you bring products together and recommend related products to users who already like one of your others. Get creative with the suggestions! You could look at stocking different brands of products based on what people are looking for during the festive season, or you could collaborate with other companies or websites that you find here on marketing campaigns with mutual benefits. The opportunities are endless!

And that’s all we’ve got for now!

What do you think?I hope that you’ve taken a second look at Google Trends after giving this a read, and I really hope that it will help you to increase your sales this festive season. Let us know if you’ve used any of these tips and if it worked for you!


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