How to Keep Social Media and Loyalty Accounts Secure 🔒

Since the dawn of the internet, people have been using passwords like “password123” to secure their accounts online. Whether it’s your email, social media account, or your membership of a loyalty program. Nowadays though, you’re using these platforms to share a lot more data than before- in particular on your emails! It’s time to really step up the security game and make sure you keep all your details safe and secure.


Here are our top ten tips on how to keep your social media accounts secure and your loyalty programs safe.


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  1. Don’t ignore the “this password is too weak” message!

    • If it says your password is too weak, you’re leaving your data or loyalty points wide open. Use something memorable but strong. There’s a cool website called “How Secure is My Password” which will actually tell you how long it would take a computer to guess your password- very helpful and very cool.
  2. Double-check before signing in to other stuff with your social accounts

    • Trying to access something on a new website and it wants you to sign in? We’d recommend making double, triple and quadruple sure that this is a site you can trust with your social media details. Don’t give away all of your details to enter a daft quiz.
  3. Change your password regularly

    • I know. It can be very annoying having some harp on about changing your password all the time but it’s so important. Especially if there’s been weird activity on one of your accounts. If one of your accounts was remotely breached, changing your password will stop it happening again and secure your account. You can check if your email has been found in any breaches using this website, aptly titled “‘;–have i been pwned?”. For reference, to be pwned is to defeated (or hacked).
  4. Use a password management app with a SECURE password

    • While I’m sitting here telling you to change your password all the time, and make it something secure, you might be wondering “how on earth am I going to remember all of this?”… Don’t worry, using a password management website or app like LastPass is a very secure way to store all of your passwords and will save you clicking on “forgot my password”.
  5. Check you’re the only person with access to your account

    • Ever borrowed a friend’s phone to sign into Facebook or your laptop at work to make a quick purchase on Amazon? You need to make sure you’re still the only person who has access to your account. Someone left your business who used to do your social media? Make sure they’re removed from the account managers. Had a joint account with an ex (gotta cover all the bases)? Ensure it’s deleted, removed, out the window.
  6. Make sure you use anti-virus software

    • Anti-virus software isn’t just about protecting you from dodgy downloads, many software packages can also be a step in keeping your social media accounts secure. You can compare them all on TechRadar– check out the ones that come with password management too.
  7. Be picky with the loyalty programs you sign up for

    • Marriott had a major loyalty program breach in 2018, within which a lot of the data wasn’t even encrypted. Shocked face emoji. We know that you need to take care of your details and consider security, so that’s why we’ve invested in bank-level security for any details you provide us with and we don’t store your card details so no need to worry on that side! If you ever have questions about our security, we’ll be happy to give you all the answers so you know your security is our top priority.
  8. Get set up with two-factor authentication

    • While I was writing this article I realised I hadn’t quite been following my own advice and went away to set up some two-factor authentication before coming back to finish this off. What is two-factor authentication I hear you say? Ever signed into something and it sends you an SMS with a code to enter in order to prove it’s you? That’s two-factor authentication. Basically double-checking who you are by having another security backup, usually your phone number or an alternative email account. Or an app like Google Authenticator.
  9. Avoid getting your Facebook hijacked by signing out when you’re done

    • An easy answer to “how do I keep my accounts secure” is to sign out when you’re done. It’s that simple. On your phone, it might not be as important to you to sign out of all your loyalty apps and social accounts as you use Touch ID or a long passcode. However, on your laptop, it’s such an easy way to protect your accounts. So do it!
  10. Keep on top of where and when you use a loyalty program

    • One of the ways some people get caught out is by starting loyalty programs or accounts with websites and then completely forgetting about them! You could have your details floating out there on the World Wide Web with no knowledge. Loyalty programs in particular, like air miles and shopping, you should keep a tab of all your activity so you’ll notice anything fishy!


security computer screen to keep your social media accounts secure


So, hopefully, you’re all going to have tip-top security on all of your accounts, including your Swipii loyalty account. Keep your points safe by following the steps above, and we’ll continue making sure our bank-level security is the best it can be. For more on Swipii’s dedication to security, you can check out our FAQs or ask us a question using the live chat on your right!


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