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How to Increase Customers in a Restaurant: How are your Restaurant Ratings?

Heather Young
Blog Header Image Increase Restaurant Ratings|Five Stars Increase Restaurant Ratings||Plate of food to increase restaurant ratings.|Getting reviews can increase restaurant ratings.

We don’t just want to provide loyalty programs to independent businesses across the UK, we want to support them and help them to nurture growth and increase sales and retention. Part of this is helping to increase their visibility to local shoppers and improve their brand image. In the future, we’re looking to introduce ratings and review features for local businesses within the Swipii app because we know how important it is to increase restaurant ratings in order to get more customers through your door.

Alongside increasing restaurant ratings, business owners want to know how to increase the average spend per customer in restaurants too- part of why we introduced Swipii points which reward your customers for spending rather than per visit.  88% of users read reviews to determine the quality of a local business- so you need to be on the ball and make sure you’re doing everything you can to improve your ratings.

But we want to help further by sharing some advice on how you can get your ratings up on restaurant review sites and increase your regular visitors.

Getting reviews can increase restaurant ratings.

Organise engaging local events

Not only is an event a great way to get people through the door, it can increase the trust people have in your brand and improve your B2C relationships. In theory, this should lead to more reviews (as people want to help businesses they like) and better reviews (you’re not going to get a negative review from someone who feels like they’ve “got to know” your business). Events that could work for this goal could include anything from craft tutorials to live music to quiz nights. Whatever it is, give your customers an incentive to come to not just one event but many. Whether they end up recommending your business by word of mouth, or whether they leave you an official review on restaurant review sites- both can lead to new and more loyal customers.

Many plates of food on a table to increase restaurant ratings.

Introduce a restaurant customer loyalty program

By introducing a restaurant customer loyalty program, you open your restaurant up to a whole new variety of opportunities to increase your ratings. The most valuable customers are those who are going to become advocates for your business, so how better build strong relationships with these potential loyal customers than through a loyalty program (like Swipii’s). Whether you go for a system like the one we have created at Swipii, or you create one of your own restaurant customer loyalty programs, customers will be more likely to review you if they have either very good or very bad service- so try and make it a positive experience for your potential future customer advocates. Swipii could be one of the restaurant loyalty apps to help you provide an extra-special experience for your top customers.

Plate of food to increase restaurant ratings.

Maximise social media presence

How are you doing on social media? Social media can absolutely be what makes a business, but it can also seem like a confusing and unnecessary step for more traditional business people. That said, maximising your social media presence using marketing strategies for small restaurants can do wonders for your brand image and could end up with an increase in customer recommendations and restaurant ratings for your business.Facebook themselves stated that 1 in 3 people on Facebook use it to look for recommendations and reviews, so we can then infer that people are reviewing and recommending local businesses regularly.

Therefore, you want to make sure that you are one of the restaurants in the area who is getting all of the great reviews and recommendations. Use each social media platform to improve your customer relationships, and actively request feedback- even if it’s constructive. Even negative reviews that have been responded to and resolved well will have a positive impact on retention and sales.

Coffee which has been redeemed via our loyalty program.

Reward first-time customers as well as loyal ones

Although regular customers may be the group you should target when trying to increase your restaurant rating, new first-time customers should also be looked after to make sure your service is world-class for every customer through the door. But how to get more customers in a restaurant? And how do you convert them into loyal, repeat visitors?

You could get your restaurant or cafe featured in a restaurant guide, in an app like Swipii’s or you can use deals and offers to rewards to attract and reward new customers.

Five Stars Increase Restaurant Ratings

Will all these steps lead to an increase in restaurant ratings? We certainly think so. The only way to get better reviews is to have better relationships with your customers and provide them with a great experience of your restaurant business. The tips here should definitely help with that. Let us know how you get on, or if you think that Swipii for Business could help you and your business!

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