How to Get People to Join your Loyalty Program

You’ve created your own brand new loyalty program. Awesome! You’ve set up the rewards and now you can sit back and watch your customer retention skyrocket. Well, hopefully! Nevertheless, in most cases, you need to get people to join your loyalty program in the beginning. We’ve spoken about the benefits of promoting your loyalty program, but how do you get people to join in? So we’ve got some advice ready for you here which should help you to get people to join your loyalty program.


With Swipii for Business, the more customers you can get to sign up to the app, the more data you have. The more data you have, the easier it will be to see trends, forecast and plan your marketing! Doesn’t that sound ideal? So, getting people to join your loyalty program becomes essential. Of course, with our loyalty app, there will be an aspect of new customers finding you on the app, but surely you want to know about the spend and behaviours of your current customers too? Get them on the app!


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Here are six ways to get people to join your loyalty program.



Make it super easy to sign up.


If you are running your own loyalty program, you need to make sure it is easy for your customers to sign up to. If they have to fill in a form with 30 fields and ask their mother’s maiden name, you’ve created an obstacle for a customer who could potentially become a regular! We’ve worked hard on making the Swipii sign-up flow as simple as possible for users on the app, to ensure your customers get a great experience from day dot.



Consider if you want to offer a treat for first-timers!


We’ve found this to be hugely effective in encouraging customers to sign up to a loyalty program. Think of it as a welcome gift for newbies to your business! With the Swipii app, you could offer them some points towards their first reward. You could offer free coffee or anything you like! Make it something which you think will incentivise and attract your customers.



Promote it to your customers- where will they be most likely to see it?


First of all, it helps to know where your customers are talking and where they are most likely to see your promotion. Whether it’s Facebook, email or even posters up in your local area, get the word out there by promoting your loyalty program! Even better, if you have a welcome gift for newcomers to your loyalty program, make sure you promote that too to attract new customers. Best of all, you can do this for free on social media, or even for very little cost.


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Make sure your staff know what they’re talking about.


Good loyalty programs don’t need much staff training and are simple enough that you don’t need to explain much! However, making sure you and your staff are all on the same page about your loyalty program is essential! Ensure all of your team know exactly how customers can redeem a reward, and how they can sign up. This will help to give your customers a great experience. At Swipii, we’ve got a set of staff need-to-knows, which is a simple handbook you can print out and pop in a staff room in case anyone wants to get caught up on the whole process. Give us a shout if you’ve got a Swipii loyalty program and would like a copy!



Personalise and tailor your rewards or offers.


People respond well to personalisation. This is something Boots does well! Using a digital loyalty card to see what their customers’ favourite items are, and making sure their points and rewards and tailored to each individual.

With Swipii, you can find out if you have brand advocates, or ‘super customers’ and reward them for being your top regulars. You will soon be able to see who has given you a great rating and give them a treat to say thank you! Or, on the other hand, you could find out who gave you a poor rating and send them a treat to say sorry. Either way, showing that your loyalty program is more of a personalised two-way dialogue between business and customer will help to make the program more attractive for shoppers in your business!



Introduce a reward for users who refer a friend!


Not got a referral program yet? This is something that can be hugely powerful, just look at Monzo! We’re also looking to introduce a referral system for shoppers here at Swipii, it’s on our product roadmap! It’s simple to introduce, get your loyal customers to refer a friend to your business, and if they pop in and make a purchase, both the referrer and the referee get a reward. This could be in the form of anything you like, from points to coffees, cashback to discounts. Anything!



And that, my friends, is how you get people to join your loyalty program! These suggestions range in terms of effort, time and cost, but most of them, Swipii will be able to help you with.

Why not talk to one of our friendly Customer Success team today about trying out a Swipii loyalty program for free! You can learn about our free loyalty programs and request more information here, or you can drop us a message via [email protected]/give us a call on 0800 368 7416! Whatever suits you.


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