Hacks to Make Your Life Easier Every Day

Whether you’re a person who likes to be kept busy, or you prefer a slower pace of life, there are always ways you can make your life much easier. And simpler!

We’ve put together some of the top bits of advice we’ve found from within the team here at Swipii as well as a scour across the internet. Implementing just a couple could improve your day immensely. Let me know how you get on, or if there are any hacks that you think other Swipii readers could benefit from!


swipii app mockup screen


Get the Swipii app 😉

We’ll get this one in here early, we think getting the Swipii app will make your life so much easier. We turn your bank card into the only loyalty card you’ll ever need. Pay by card in Swipii businesses, get points and earn freebies. Simple! It means you can clear out your purse of all those paper punch cards and save yourself a bunch of time at the till. 


Drill a hole in your bin 🗑️

Hear me out. If you have a plastic bin and you’re constantly struggling to get the bin bag out when it’s full (and consequently covering yourself and your floor with bin juice), then this is a trick you should try. Drill a wee hole in the side of your bin, and you’ll prevent any suction holding the bin bag in the bin and making it harder for you to pull out. 


How Google can make your life easier


Tired of Googling symbols to copy and paste? 🤦

I am one of the biggest culprits of constantly Googling “copyright symbol” so that I can copy and paste the wee ©. No longer! I realise this is old news for many, but I am only just getting the hang of keyboard shortcuts so I thought I’d pop some of my favourites here so I can bookmark this blog for later. Feel free to do the same…

  • Alt + 0153 – Trademark Symbol – ™
  • Alt + 0169 – Copyright Symbol – ©
  • Alt + 0174 – Reg. Trademark Symbol – ®
  • Alt + 0176 – Degree Symbol – °
  • Alt + 0190 – Three-Quarters Symbol – ¾
  • Alt + 1 – Smiley Face – ☺
  • Alt + 2 – Smily Face – ☻
  • Alt + 15 – Sun – ☼
  • Alt + 12 – Female Sign – ♀
  • Alt + 11 – Male Sign – ♂
  • Alt + 3 – Heart Sign – ♥
  • Alt + 14 – Music Symbol – ♫
  • Alt + 35 – Hashtag Symbol – #


Struggle to save? Round up your change 🙌

I’ve found this to be an incredibly easy way to save, without having to think all the time about putting money into my savings. Loads of banks are now offering this feature with your bank accounts, whether it’s the Save The Change® feature on a Bank of Scotland account or rounding up your payments into Pots on Monzo. Spend £2.20 on a coffee every day? You can save 80p every time you spend and it will get popped in a savings account automatically. That’s an extra £4 popped in your savings account every week, or an extra £200 a year!


bento boxes can make your life easier


Invest in cheap Bento boxes… Meal plan! 🍱

I’ve doubled up on this one as they go hand in hand. Number one, you should totally think about planning your meals for the week. This should help you with saving money on your lunches and time making or going to buy your lunch every day! It should also help make your shopping trips a lot quicker. Then, we think Bento boxes are an absolute godsend. These Japanese-inspired lunch boxes let you take your lunch, sides, and snacks all in one handy box to save you having loads of little packets in your bag. Space-saving, money-saving, time-saving delight. 


Use a password manager like Last Pass 🔐

Always forgetting your passwords or making them ridiculously easy to hack? All those password123 people, I am looking at you. Get your browser set up with a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. Then all you will need to remember is one secure, strong password for the overall manager and all your passwords and access codes will be saved in there. You can split them into folders, and get yourself really organised. Plus, you can add a browser extension so that when you go to log in on sites, your username and password will be auto-filled (provided you have logged in to your main password manager account). Easy!


Write to-do lists and stick to them ✔️

You don’t need to become obsessed with colour coded notes and invest in a complicated journal, just start getting into the habit of writing stuff down. I write down my to-do list for work for the next day at the end of each day, so that when I come in first thing, I can get straight to it. It’s a simple way to make sure things aren’t missed and makes sure you get your head in the game faster. Plus, it will help you say no to spontaneous tasks that crop up as you have a solid, laid out plan for your day already. 


portable charger to make your life easier


Get yourself a portable charger 🔋

More than once, I’ve been left sitting on a porch outside a friend’s flat because my phone has died and I’ve forgotten which buzzer is theirs. Whether you’ve experienced this, or just some other minor disaster as a result of a dead phone- get yourself a portable charger. And then try and always have it on you. They charge up pretty fast and give you a boost when you need it. I think everyone should have one.  


Simplify your wardrobe (or at least plan ahead) 👚

This advice is not for everyone. Dedicated hoarders probably baulk at the thought of simplifying or cutting down their wardrobe. However, it can help! Sticking to a few different key colours will mean that all of your clothes are likely to match. Better still, you could try a capsule wardrobe of 30/40 items and try and stick to just them. This will save you loads of time wondering what to wear and should make your life easier. If you’re not a big fan of a clear-out, then just planning ahead can simplify your life. Lay out your clothes the night before. This will mean you’re not running about like a headless chicken pre-work is a good first step. 


Cook way more than you actually need 🍳

Similar to our previous point about meal planning, there’s more you can do with food to make your life a bit easier every single day. This tip is to start making more than you need (but not in a wasteful way)! If like me, you have no idea how to measure out the right amount of pasta, you may be doing this already by accident. Basically, all you do is make an extra portion every time you cook dinner. You’ll then have lunch ready-made for the next day. Which you can also stick in your Bento box and be on your way!


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