How do I get more Instagram followers for my business?

Instagram followers are so important to local businesses as the platform provides an easy way for you to communicate with your customers, attract new ones and showcase your brand! Here are some easy steps you can take and implement today!

Social media apps on a smartphone can be used to increase customer loyalty.

1. Use relevant hashtags

To get more exposure and following you need to use Instagram hashtags which other people are using and following. For example, if you run a cafe in Glasgow you could use the hashtag #glasgowfoodie. You can research how many posts are associated with the hashtag by simply searching it on Instagram. Once you have a set of hashtags, say 15, you should save them somewhere so they are easily accessible to share on your posts when you need them.


2. Engage with similar pages & users who follow similar pages to yours

Follow, like, comment on similar pages to yours or potential customers. If you own a beautician in Glasgow, scope out some Glasgow beauty bloggers, engage with their followers and engage with their posts.


3. Post frequently

Quality over quantity is always fundamental. But you also don’t want to leave your Instagram followers hanging for days with no posts. For a small business, we would recommend once a day. This may be your deal of the day or your special, so you can use it as a sales tool too!


4. Follow users who follow similar pages to yours

Users who follow similar pages to yours are likely to find your page interesting too. So grab their attention by following them.


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5. Post at your peak engaged times

If you set up a business account you can see your peak times for your followers under insights > activity. This will show you when your users are most active and therefore most likely to engage with your content.


6. Interact with posts & users

Add relevant comments and chat to users, share your voice and being human! Everyone knows a genuine comment when they see one, so make sure you spend time commenting on users posts, but in a genuine way.


7. Create a theme to your page

You want to have a strategy. Are you trying to generate more customers? Then post images that your customers would want to see. If you are a cafe, maybe the majority of your images are dishes and different options on your menu.


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8. Get your bio in order

Add a link to your menu or your website, add your location, make sure your bio is punchy and tells the user what they will get from your business. And don’t be afraid to use emojis in your bio.


9. Clear up your following to follower ratio

If you are following loads of users but you don’t have a huge following yourself then try to reduce this number. Reason for this is it can appear like not many people want to follow your brand in comparison to the high number of people you are following, which links to credibility.


10. Get creative with your captions

Don’t neglect your captions, sometimes they can be even better than the photos themselves. It’s an opportunity to let your brand shine through and show off some personality, which is so important for Instagram!



11. Use a set of the same filters

Filters create a cohesive photo theme. You don’t need a fancy app for this, you could just use one of the Instagram filters. But don’t go overboard, try not to use the filter on full, you can bring the filter intensity down which will ensure your photos are still natural, whilst creating cohesive images.


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