From Google to Swipii

This summer I made a big move. Leaving London (my home for the past 14 years) and Google (my employer for the last 6), I moved up to Scotland to take a job with Swipii, a fintech startup using brand new card linking technology to drive its customer loyalty system.

Working for a company like Google for 6 years, the total compensation package becomes normal. You quickly forget that three catered meals a day, sleep pods and on-site massage therapists aren’t your typical workplace benefits. Neither is spending your workday devoted to a product that measures the daily number of users in the billions. These things can become routine at the biggest tech companies and it can seem like career suicide looking for work outside their hallowed gates.

Leaving the rarefied world of Google has certainly been a bit of a culture shock but not one that was nearly as scary or different as you might imagine. Far from career suicide, I feel that in many ways I am more employable after just 5 months working here. Below is a list of a few things I’ve learned about leaving one of the biggest companies in the world to work in the wonderful world of startups:

While it is certainly true that the whole experience of working at a startup is very different from a large corporate, in my experience it has been nothing like the scare stories I had heard. In joining a business working in an interesting field with a clear vision for its future, I’ve found myself in a job where I have more autonomy, responsibility and personal accountability than I had in my previous role. I’m also involved in helping to define the future direction of the company, through product innovation and through the culture that we are defining. It probably isn’t for everyone but for those looking for a personal and professional challenge, the positives more than outweigh the negatives. Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more.


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