What is Card Linking Technology?

In our blog posts, social media updates and everywhere else you can imagine, Swipii have been shouting about the powerful card linking technology that provides all the massive benefits in our new app. When we say card here, we mean debit cards, credit cards- no loyalty cards involveda… With our Swipii loyalty and rewards app, you can pay with contactless, Chip and PIN, Apple Pay, your Apple Watch, as long as it’s with the card you have linked to your account.

Card linking technology removes the need for different cards to scan, any QR codes, and definitely removes the need for paper punch cards. Even with our previous product with the card and iPad, finding your loyalty cards can often make you feel a bit like this guy:

Card linking technology may save this man, who is shuffling a deck of cards.

With the Swipii card linking technology, you literally only need your bank card, or multiple cards if you fancy.


What if I like to pay by cash?

We understand that many people may still like to use notes and coins to pay for their morning coffee, but after a good deal of research, we can see that the trend of payment is increasingly in favour of the card- be it debit or credit.Stats from TSYS which are in favour of card linking technology.

Total System Services (TSYS) in the US found the following data when polling a sample of the population. What is abundantly clear, is that both types of payment cards are the far preferred form of payment.

In the UK, the British Retail Consortium found in 2018 that card payments now make up over 75% of all retail sales, with cash at just 22%. With this in mind, we wanted to develop a product that would work now, and in the future.


So how does it work?

With card linking technology, all you have to do is spend money in one of our Swipii participating businesses, using your linked credit card or debit card.

We work with a regulated and industry compliant card linking provider who records this transaction and we get the data for these specific transactions.

We allocate the points and voilà, your points will be automatically loaded into your account. If you have email and push notifications enabled, we’ll give you a shout when your points are good to go. You’ll need to use the app to activate and redeem your rewards once you have earned enough points, but apart from that, you can just carry on using your card as normal.


Image of smartphone and push notification from Swipii app.


How secure is card linking technology?

This is one of the questions we most want to answer in explaining this technology. The answer is, it’s incredibly secure. However, we can’t just say that. So here are the facts:

  • We don’t store card details, we never charge a customer’s card, and we don’t have access to customers’ bank accounts.
  • Swipii uses a Level 1 PCI compliant financial service that processes over 6 million transactions per year, meaning you’re protected by the Payment Card Industry’s data security standards.
  • The data processed is securely encrypted using 256-bit encryption, which basically means it is virtually impossible for the encrypted message to be accessed by even seriously fast computers.
  • Using Swipii is as safe and secure as using any major banking app.

If we delve a bit deeper, let’s talk about the card linking provider we use here at Swipii to highlight your transactions and allocate points.

It is a card linking provider which allows us to connect to Mastercard and Visa. The provider is compliant with the standards set by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council. 

Swipii doesn’t, and will never, have any access to your bank details. We won’t, and can’t, charge you or take payment from you. We don’t ask for your CVV, so there’s actually no way we could charge you either. Visa and Mastercard send our card linking provider the data when you shop only in Swipii participating businesses, and we allocate the points- so that you can earn amazing rewards!

A question we often get here is, “Can you see my other transactions?

We can’t. We get a notification from Mastercard, Visa and American Express when you have shopped in a Swipii participating store, and have no access to any other details about your bank and finances. 


How does linking my card help me?

As we mentioned earlier, loyalty programs can take up a lot of space in your wallet. Between the plastic cards for big retailers to the paper punchcards for your local coffee shops, it can be stressful and downright irritating trying to find the right card in the right shop.

YouGov found that although a majority of consumer love loyalty and rewards schemes, “one in four (40%) view carrying a lot of cards as an inconvenience, and nearly a quarter (22%) say they “keep forgetting” to carry their loyalty cards with them.”

Nowadays, more and more of us want to have quick access to our points, rewards and loyalty schemes.

Another piece of TSYS research found that more and more people each year want to have their loyalty and rewards to hand, specifically, they want to be able to access them via their smartphone.


More data in favour of card linking technology.


By linking your card to the Swipii app, we remove a few layers of the common loyalty program process, making it easier for you to earn points.


You can access all rewards and points easily on your phone, and by linking your card, you can pay for stuff as normal- no need for scanning, QR codes, plastic cards, stamps or hole punches.


How do I sign up?

Sounds good, right? The Swipii app has more and more businesses being added every single day, so now is as good a time as ever to download the app and start collecting points!

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