Does using a loyalty program help you save money?

It may make you want to roll your eyes, a loyalty program writing an article on whether a loyalty program will save you money. But we want to give you the lowdown on everything we know about how taking part in a business’ loyalty scheme can help you budget and improve.

Coffee which has been redeemed via our loyalty program.


1. Saving you money on stuff you would buy anyway

Part of most loyalty programs is rewarding you for visiting a business multiple times or rewarding you on your spend. One of the most popular loyalty programs that exist is the classic “Buy five coffees, get your sixth free” model. Which, if you were going to be buying six coffees anyway, definitely saves you money!

The Swipii app could help you save money in a whole range of different businesses in the app, from the specialist Oriental supermarket Oaka Supercity to coffee shops like Wilson Street Pantry. For example, there are some coffee shops on the app whose first reward only needs a £10 spend to redeem, with £1 equalling 10 points in the app.

This means you could spend £2.50 a day Monday to Thursday and get a reward on Friday!

For the folks who get a morning coffee religiously, this will save you a pretty penny every month!


Piggy Bank Save Money


2. Helping you keep track of how much you’re spending

One of the best ways to save money is to start by knowing how much money you’re actually spending each week or month. Knowing this will then help you understand where to cut down and how to budget.

There are loads of apps and services which will seriously help you budget, and digital banking apps which can help you sort out your payments too- such as Clarity Money or Monzo.  

Although not the purpose of the Swipii app, you can see how much you’re spending and where, in the History section of your account, which could go some way to helping you get on top of your finances. Especially when you’re getting free rewards too!


Image of bank card to be linking with Swipii loyalty app.


3. Giving you first dibs at local businesses’ deals

Loyalty programs can be great for customers who want to be the first to know about the next big bargain or discount.

All it often takes is a subscription to a businesses’ marketing emails and you could be getting updated when a business releases the next major sale!

If you use a loyalty program that encompasses many different businesses, like the Swipii app, you could even get push notifications from your favourite businesses. It’s quicker, simpler and just a wee reminder for you to save some more money!


Special Offer Stamp Save Money


4. It’s not just free coffees, loyalty program discounts work too

We’ve already mentioned getting free things by taking part in businesses’ loyalty programs, but you can directly save money using some loyalty programs too.

Almost like couponing, some shops will give you a discount voucher for “10% off” and others will offer “£1 off your next shop” and so on. Some locations even offer this type of reward on the Swipii app, as another way to save money just by being loyal to your favourite businesses!


Want to try it out and see if you can save money using the Swipii app? Download it today and find out for yourself.


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