The UK’s first and only card-linking loyalty platform for businesses

Simplifying loyalty programmes for local businesses.


Just Eat changed our dine in experience, Netflix did it for on demand TV, Uber made our daily travelling much easier – the list goes on! And now, Swipii is doing it for loyalty programmes –  making it easier for businesses like you to start rewarding your customers for their everyday shopping.


Sounds great, right?


It’s quite apparent that these brands, and their apps, are winning us over and really making us think about everything we do on a day-to-day basis and how can we make our lives easier with very little effort – allowing us to enjoy and reward ourselves everyday.


I know what you’re thinking, how could your business do the same?… Well, now you can. Introducing Swipii 2.0, the UK’s first and only card-linking loyalty platform for businesses.


Our new card-linking loyalty product allows a quick and easy set up for businesses. No tech. No Integrations.


If you have a credit or debit card payment machine, you’re good to go! This simpler, cheaper and more rewarding model really allows local businesses like you to compete with bigger brands and reward your loyal customers and attract new ones in the process.


Your time is precious. And so is your customers.


We’ve completely eliminated the days of stamping or swiping loyalty cards which can take time, create queues or even take up the precious time of your staff! Customers can simply pay with their debit or credit card as normal and we do the rest automatically. Gone are the days of your customers forgetting their loyalty card and being unable to gain or redeem points. Swipii is making it so much easier for everyone.



Did you know?



For the first time the value of retail purchases made by card now accounts for more than three quarters of all retail sales, according to the BRC’s latest annual Payments Survey, released 11th September 2018.  This has partly been driven by UK customers increasingly using cards for lower value payments, traditionally dominated by cash. Cash fell again by more than 1%, accounting for just 22% of all retail sales.

The research showed that increasing costs have been driven entirely by card scheme fees, which jumped by 39% in 2017. The scheme fee increases to retailers in 2018 range between 30% and 100% for some transactions.

Can you just imagine if those 78% of customers using card were all earning loyalty points when they were spending and redeeming them against rewards they want? Your business can make this happen.


Customisable, convenient and insightful.


As you can imagine, we have an abundance of data and insights that can help you understand what makes your customers tick – there’s no need to guess. We want to share that information with you and allow you to grow your business. We gather the data for you and by using your customised dashboard, you only see what you want to know and you can change this at any time making the possibilities endless.


Speaking of data, did you know that Swipii has almost 1 million users in the UK? Think of how many new people you can attract to your business? Our app allows potential customers within a 5 mile radius find your business and direct them straight to you – imagine the sales potential, it’s huge! We’ll also throw in some free in-store marketing materials to attract the customers in!


I bet you’re thinking it’s all a bit too good to be true, what’s the catch? Honestly, there is none. We’ve made it so you have low, affordable monthly payments to suit local businesses allowing you to flourish.



The app is free for its users and your business listing will be seen by thousands of on-the-go customers who are local to you – what more can you ask for? And the best of it is, we’re constantly working hard on marketing our app all the time – more users, more potential customers!


If you’re as excited and passionate as we are about customer loyalty and growing your business check out our app or get in touch. You’re 1 step away from making your business unstoppable.

Update: Wired magazine have just named Swipii’s new card-linking loyalty platform as one of the top retail tech startups to watch. Click here to read the full article.



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