How does Swipii shape up against a competitor loyalty app?

Yesterday, our news feeds were filled with the news that Barclays bank has invested $12.9 million in loyalty app and fintech startup, Bink. It got us thinking about where Swipii sits in this complicated sector, and how we think we measure up against the loyalty platform giants.


Do you think we’ve got what it takes to provide the best loyalty app available to date?

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Here’s what we found when we looked at various loyalty schemes in the UK.

Card linking with a debit card like this is the future of our loyalty app.

Card Linking Technology

First of all, we pride ourselves on being the first card-linking loyalty program to let you earn points solely by spending with your preferred payment card. UK Tech was of the opinion that Bink offered up a “unique technology solution, Payment Linked Loyalty” and yet Swipii uses very similar tech. Bink is an app that lets you store all of your loyalty cards for various stores in one “wallet” on their app. They are looking to launch card linking technology in the future, but they’re a bit behind us.  The point is, you have to scan in each of your multiple loyalty cards and you still have to get your phone out when it comes to collecting your points at each establishment. With Swipii, you literally just use your card. The points automatically appear on the app. It’s that simple.

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Our loyalty app (shown here) allows you to connect your bank card.


App-Based Loyalty Programs

With many of the apps which are on the market just now as a loyalty program, there is still going to be some inconvenience for the user. The Swipii app is merely a tool to check out your points and redeem your rewards, users only need to pay using their preferred credit or debit card and the points will automatically appear in their account. With so many of our competitors, including Bink, they are basically providing a digital version of a loyalty card- which still needs to be scanned separately to payment. For some loyalty programs, the staff within the business will need to physically allocate points to visitors after the user has “Checked In” at the business. Again, with Swipii, not needed.


Card-Linking TechnologyQR Code or Barcode ScannerNo Need for Staff Action
Yoyo Wallet


Loyalty Program for Local Business

Swipii believes that all independent local businesses should be able to compete with the global giants when it comes to finding and retaining a loyal customer base. Our app aims to create a level playing field between local shops and big business.

Where do our competitors differ?

Competition is fierce in the loyalty scheme market. Luckily, we are the first in the UK to use advanced card-linking technology to give the most convenience to the users. In turn, we can hand the power back to local businesses. Our competitors don’t always have this focus.

We’re doing our best to give the pop-up coffee shop on the corner the same power and data as the major coffee chains vying for their customers. We enable local businesses to build accurate customer profiles and market more efficiently based on their transactional data. Swipii has had over 1.1 million users, and we want to put your business directly in front of them.


Swipii has created a loyalty app to rival all of our competitors.

Choosing Swipii for your business

If you’re thinking of signing up for a loyalty app for your small, local business and your repeat customers- consider Swipii. On top of the benefits mentioned above, we think we’re pretty good guys in general. You can always get in touch if you want to find out more about our loyalty program…

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