Welcome to my Salon: How to Attract New Customers with Salon Marketing

Own a salon? Whether you’re a nail technician by trade or a barber, salon marketing for your business can be a challenge. It’s a completely different kettle of fish than marketing for other types of business.

When trying to attract new customers to your business, you can look to social media to see how other salons are working to get more clients through the door. That said, there’s more you can do to get the customers in and have them return again and again- on top of providing great service and incredible results.

We’ve put together a short guide for the local businesses that Swipii supports on how to come up with the best marketing ideas for hairstylists, make-up artists and beauty professionals across the country.

Pair of salon scissors to attract new customers.


What is the best way to get new customers?

Now there’s a question! It will always depend on a variety of factors impacting your business. The geographical location, the target market and the type of business will all make it harder to decide on the best way to get new customers for your salon.

In saying that, there are some salon marketing ideas which we think everyone should try in order to attract new customers and keep them coming. Here are some of our favourites…


Marketing ideas for hair stylists and salons

Form partnerships with other local businesses

One of the great ways we’ve found salon marketing can work for many businesses is through building strong relationships with other businesses in your area. Whether you work with other beauty businesses or businesses from a completely different sector.

Talk to businesses around you to see if they would be willing to hand out vouchers for your business to their customers. And vice versa. This gives you access to an audience who are already loyal, and value the opinion of the business they are visiting- meaning they are more likely to take stock of your promotion.


Handshake to symbolise salon marketing partnerships.


Run a competition on social media

At Swipii, we’ve run a few competitions on social media which have been great for exposing some of the businesses we have on the app to our social media following and has found us some new users as well as new customers for the businesses involved.

A competition where you get your followers to “tag a friend” or “share to win” will allow you to get your business noticed in different channels, without you having to spend a penny on marketing.

Make sure the prize is something that people actually want to drive entries!


Build up your online reviews

Did you know that having public reviews can increase your conversion rate by 270% (Source: Spiegel Research Center)? Meaning that you need to get your most loyal customers to drop you some great reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google, and more salon marketing-specific review platforms. Even on Facebook.

“88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.” (Source: BrightLocal).

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers to leave you a review, as more often than not, if they’ve had a good experience, they’ll be happy to. You can do this by sending out an email to your customers after they have visited or even having flyers or cards to hand out after your client has received a beauty treatment at your location.


Five Stars Increase Restaurant Ratings


Try a salon referral program

Referral programs are a hugely popular way to attract new customers and an effective (and often cheap) form of salon marketing. Offer your customers a discount if they can get their friend to book an appointment, and offer that friend a discount too to give them an incentive to choose you over the competition.

The friends of your customers are more likely to trust their opinions over your marketing efforts, and word of mouth is well-known to be one of the most effective marketing methods.


Set up an email marketing campaign

Email marketing is hugely popular with a range of SME businesses in the UK- including salons. You can allow people to subscribe to email updates on your website, or even through social media. This then allows you to send them promotional material or your latest offers in order to attract new customers.

This can work exceptionally well for encouraging repeat visits too, using segmented email campaigns. Effective segmentation of your email campaigns can result in a 760% increase in your email revenue. Whether you target customers who have been to your salon 3 times and you would like them to return, or you target customers who have started booking online and haven’t completed the process. Adapting your marketing to suit different customer bases will be the most effective.


Utilise social media advertising tools

For the beauty industry, social media marketing is huge. It’s a relatively new way to attract new customers, but it’s becoming one of the best methods available. You can either promote your business completely for free and attempt some ideas to help your content go viral.

On top of that, social media platforms now provide other ways you can get your salon marketing going if you have a bit of a budget for marketing. Facebook now allows you to “Boost” your posts, which means you put a little money behind it and Facebook will show your post to more individuals who don’t necessarily follow your page. You can also run advertising campaigns from as little as £1 a day- and even that can bring in a significant increase in traffic for your business.


The icons of social media platforms which can be used for salon marketing.


Have you considered any salon loyalty program ideas?

Loyalty programs are well-known for being a brilliant way to keep customers coming back again and again. We know you want to attract new customers (that’s why you’ve kept reading until this point), but did you know that “acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to twenty-five times more expensive than retaining an existing one… increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%” (Source: Harvard Business Review).

So you want customers to keep coming back. As well as your increased profits, it’s a sign that you’re successfully building strong relationships with your customers, and providing a service that they want to keep coming back to.

A loyalty program incentivises the return trip to your business, by topping up your brilliant service with the opportunity for your clients to earn money off a future visit or even a free beauty treatment. Everybody likes free stuff, with a loyalty program you can make free stuff make financial sense for your salon.


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What about Swipii for Business?

We’ve created a loyalty program that will work for not just your salon, but any local business looking to get themselves on a level playing field with big business. We can help you to bring in new customers. And keep them.

With our salon loyalty program for you and your business, you’ll have access to tonnes of valuable customer behavioural insights. You’ll know who your new customers are and the most popular rewards you’re offering. This will enable you to tailor your marketing and your loyalty offerings to make sure they work the best for your business.

On top of all that, there is NO hardware to be added at your till point, no extra cards to be scanned and no stamps or hole punches to be given out. Loyalty points are rewarded automatically to your customers when they pay by card. Sound good?


You can find out more about our loyalty program for salons on the Swipii for Business page, where you can book a face-to-face demo online with one of our Customer Success team or you can try out the dashboard and start setting up your loyalty program today.

We can’t wait to have you join the Swipii revolution!


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