A Week in the Life of Swipii Sue

Swipii was created to fit around your daily life, integrating seamlessly with how you shop and go about your day-to-day business. A week in the life of a Swipii member is probably just like that of the average person, but with more rewards! We’ve put together a nice little week for anyone using the Swipii app in Glasgow, with all the offers and rewards you might be able to take advantage of.

What did Swipii Sue get up to this week?



It’s Monday. The start of a brand new week. Swipii Sue is thinking, “why not take the day off and treat myself?”

After a quick scroll through what’s available on the Swipii app, she finds out that her local beauty clinic is actually in there. Who knew?! She phones up Clinica Medica to get booked in to get her lashes and eyebrows done, dreaming of the facial she’ll get when she’s collected the right amount of points.



After an incredibly relaxing day off, it’s time to get back to uni. Of course, as usual, Swipii Sue is running late. Luckily, she remembers she’s collected enough points to grab a free coffee in the Strathclyde University café, so she gets her caffeine fix and heads to her first lecture.

It’s a long day for her. She has a few points left on the Swipii app after redeeming her coffee earlier in the day. She nips into the Sports Cafe on her way out to earn some more on a wee snack. Happy as Larry, she heads to the library to “study”.



In order to cure the mid-week blues, Swipii Sue knows what she needs. A Pizza Punks pizza could cure any ills. She starts messaging her friends to compare toppings and count up the points they could earn on a feast at lunchtime.

dish from donerhaus on the swipii app



Thursday night, Swipii Sue is looking to start getting ready for a big night out. Time to line the stomach. Nostalgic over a weekend raving in Berlin, Swipii Sue decides to nip over to Döner Haus for a delish kebap and some good old German beers. She’s definitely not making uni tomorrow.



The hangover feels all consuming. There’s only one thing for it. Swipii Sue knows that the only thing which will free her of the feeling of impending doom is a sweet, fruity smoothie from Martha’s. God willing, she’ll have enough points collected in order to get it for free. After a quick check of her phone, success. It’s almost as if the hangover has already begun to subside- the Friday feeling tries to break through.



Saturday for Swipii Sue means back to work at the part-time job. The only thing getting her out of bed at the weekend as she heads to her hospitality job, is the thought of her breakfast roll and coffee from Da Vinci’s on Queen Street. Every so often, she gets a freebie and it makes her day. Today is not that day, she enjoys the roll anyway so no biggie, all the while knowing that next week she might save herself a few quid.


malones glasgow



She’s managed to wangle another day off for herself on Sunday. This calls for a big Sunday lunch with her pals. She gathers the troops and sets off on her voyage to the City Centre, knowing full well that she can get her points in Malones.

After loading up on too much food and another few drinks, the bill comes over. Swipii Sue has a plan- “Don’t worry guys, I’ll get this, just transfer me the money”. Wise move there, she’s just bagged herself a few hundred points in one go. She promises she’ll bring the same friends back when she’s redeeming her rewards.


This is just one Glasgow gal’s take on how to make the most of the Swipii app. How do you spend your points? Let us hear about the businesses you’re showing the love to right now!


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