A Day in the Life: Product Team at Swipii

Hi there! We’re Swipii, and we want to give you a wee insight into what it’s like to be a member of our Product Team. So we asked one of our software developers what her day-to-day is like so that you, too, can have a good idea of the Swipii life. We are in fact hiring right now and for the product team! So get reading, because this could be you shortly. 


Simpsons Join Our Product Team Gif


How do you get to work in the morning?

I get the bus and normally pick up a vegan roll on my way in.


What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at Swipii HQ?

Check any updates on Slack and proceed to look at our team’s work for the day.


How do you prioritise your tasks for the day?

We do weekly sprints where work is prioritised in advance for team members to easily pick up either solo or working more collaboratively. We have morning stand-ups to check in as a team.


Product Team Cartoon Representative


How does the rest of your morning go?

Having selected an item of work to complete, we proceed to figure out the technical challenges and code the solution, either solo or via pair and mob programming.


Where’s your fav location to nip for lunch? Also, ever do anything interesting during your lunch break?

My new favourite treat spot is Stack and Still. There’s only so often you can have pancakes for lunch though!


Back in the afternoon, what’s usually going on?

Sometimes there are design workshops, knowledge sharing or process improvement meetings. For the most part, we’re continuing with development work.


Beer with the Product Team


It’s 5.30pm and we’re going for after-work drinks, where do you suggest?

Shilling Brewing Company just to see the look on Chitresh’s face when he tries the sour beer!


Sound like a day you could see yourself having in the future? We’re hiring right now and this could be you. Check out our Current Vacancies to see if you’d be a match!


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